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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

90 day right to sack Public Meeting 7pm Wednesday 28th

As the ramifications of John Key's 90 day right to sack become apparent and the pretense of moderation falls over, people are getting angry and want to fight back, and fight back they should. Based on the Department of Labour report used by Key to sell the 90 day right to sack, this right to sack was used to sack 22% of workers, there are 400 000 new workers per year, that's 80 000 workers that could be sacked by this power.

Let's not forget this attack on the Unions is not about benefiting the economy (the Department of Labour report actually says there is no evidence this right to sack will create jobs or help workers on the margins like National claim) and it has everything to do with boosting corporate donations for the 2011 election war chest.

This meeting on Wednesday night will be a chance to launch the protest action in Auckland against the Government's draconian labour laws, and I understand a new tactic is to be announced at the meeting that will see a wave of wild cat actions against employers John Key has asked the Unions to name and shame.

The October GST rise will see the tax cuts evaporate along with the vacant aspiration Key peddles as people feel the reality of how hollow his claims they would be better off are. Key changes his mind when he gets frightened by protest, it's time to protest.

7pm-9pm Lecture Theatre B28, Library Basement, University of Auckland


At 27/7/10 8:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 29/7/10 12:19 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never fitted in to the workforce, in the end I accepted that and self-employed.

Sometimes I think of going in to something bigger, the thing that stops me STAFF..... ask any self-employed or small business person and they will all tell you their biggest problems if staff.

Just thinking about a few things - fairness.

For example a staff member gets a better offer, or just wants to move on can leave, officially they might be supposed to give some notice ( from a week to a month usually ) but in reality they can just not bother to turn up.

If it is fair for a worker to move on anytime they feel like it, without giving any reason, and without considering their employer, is it fair that only works one way ??

If I take someone on and they get a better offer, don't like me or the job (or any other reason) they can give me no or short notice, if I don't like them or find someone better can I sack them.

Don't know if you have ever employed anyone (I have) for me its not worth the stress (and theft).

With staff today you have to look after them (literally) talk about nannying, a lot of people of so juvenille, they expect an employer to be like a mummy.

Would be interested to hear how you get on having staff.


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