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Monday, July 26, 2010

National spooked by their own Nanny State Frankenstein bogeyman

'Scandalous' stand on booze
A Government call on dropping the breath-alcohol limit for drivers will go down to the wire, with lobbyists fearing a "scandalous" backdown in a decision that could be announced as soon as Monday. A change would mean the average male could drink only about four stubbies of beer over two hours before driving, rather than about seven now. But it is understood the proposal has met fierce resistance from some Cabinet ministers. Cabinet was supposed to have signed off on a package to address alcohol and drug-impaired drivers in April, but the measures have been stalled. Lobbyists now fear a "scandalous" backdown on the basis of what they say are "erroneous arguments".

Hilarious isn't it? National spent so long in Opposition building their Nanny State Frankenstein bogeyman that they are now too spooked to awake it in the public consciousness meaning that they can't implement any social policy whatsoever. It is a scandal that our blood alcohol level is so high, that men can drink 7 stubbies and still be considered 'under the limit' when anywhere else (Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Norway, Russia and Sweden) they would all be well over the limit!!!

Our booze culture is so locked and the National Party so terrified of their mythical monsters they've built in the minds of people that important social policy can not be progressed. The Stormtroopers of the Dykeocracy from Helengrad kicking in your front door to ram power saving lightbulbs and water saving showerheads down your throats never existed!

All Steven Joyce and his boys on Cabinet care about is the perception from that 7 stubbie kiwi bloke who will be told on their fourth stubbie that they can't drink anymore, and the response of that kiwi bloke being, 'bloody PC Nanny State, won't let a bloke drink blah, blah, blah'. For God's sake National, grow some balls, and lower the blood alcohol limit you pathetic pack of gutless clowns.


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