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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Nanny State Myth allowed to kill NZers by the National Party

Joyce concedes lower limit could save lives
Transport Minister Steven Joyce has conceded that reducing the legal blood-alcohol limit for drivers could save lives, prevent injuries and save millions of dollars in social costs. But he said the Government's road safety package - announced Monday - already includes measures that will achieve the same ends, including a zero limit for repeat drink-drivers and drivers under 20.

What a load of bullshit, National are so terrified by the Politically Correct Nanny State Myth they spent a decade building that they won't enact social policy for fear their Frankenstein bogeyman will backlash against them and that spineless Joyce admits the wimp out on blood alcohol levels will cost lives and millions of dollars just so the Nats don't seem 'Nanny State'.

As Gordon points out...

On the despicable decision on blood alcohol driving limits
This rationale for kicking for touch could hardly be more contemptible. More research into what – whether alcohol at these levels really does impair driver judgment? That’s a no-brainer. Our current blood alcohol levels are already at world highs – four times what they are in Russia, for God’s sake – and are also far in excess of similar developed countries.

This National Cabinet are a pack of gutless wonders who are not fit to lead on important social issues.


At 29/7/10 1:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not much point changing the limit if you don't do anything with the offenders.

Tell me how would a change in the limit would have saved the life of Katherine Kennedy - http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10661905

The piece of dirt that murdered her had 17 previous convictions, that’s only his convictions he probably has 100's of offences.

In countries that take drink driving seriously you go to jail on a first offence, the like of Tamerhire would have done some serious time for his offences and would never be acceptable as an MP of in any other high profiles office.

He would be seen for what he is, a dangerous criminal and repeat offender. NZ loves its misogynist drunks and bullies.

Now Jenkins is a convicted killer what will he get, of course he should get 30 years without parole but he won’t.

NZ needs to get real, drunk drivers need to be taken immediately into custody and kept there until their trial, then sentenced to jail time.


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