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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Mr Key, it's 'Panda Diplomacy' not 'Pander to Diplomacy'

Auckland puts hand up for pandas as Key plans kiwi deal
Auckland Zoo has not ruled out acquiring a giant panda, after Prime Minister John Key revealed he hopes to broker a pandas-for-kiwi deal with the Chinese Government. A spokeswoman yesterday told the Herald the zoo would be happy to consider any offers to host pandas, despite reports in a Sunday paper that it had "turned up its nose" at the prospect.

So after his craven apology to the Chinese for assaulting one of our political leaders on the steps of our own Parliament, John Key continues to grovel to our new Communist overlords by trying to force Zoos around NZ to take pandas?

Could you imagine the fiasco that opening would cause? Free Tibet flag flying protesters being beaten by Chinese Security Goons while John Key runs around behind whatever Chinese Overlord is sent to represent China? Poor John would have to keep making apologies for protester blood getting onto the Security Goons clothes, and offer laundry services and maybe some hotel porn to keep sweetening the deal.

Mr Key, it's 'Panda Diplomacy' not 'Pander to Diplomacy'. Grow some balls love.


At 1/7/10 5:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just over 20 years ago when muldoon was in power the catch phrase was
"reds under the bed" and the commie subs were off the coast watching us,
now today john key is laying out the red carpet for them, and sipping his pinot.


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