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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Marketing Tasers 101

Police Fired Shotgun Tasers At Gunman Moat
The controversial XREP pump-action weapon is more powerful than the standard hand-held taser, and does not have full Home Office approval. It has a range of 100ft rather than 21ft, and has an anti-tamper device so if the victim tries to remove the high-voltage missile it delivers an electric shock to their hands. It also stuns the victim for 20 seconds - far longer than the less powerful weapon.

What a brilliant marketing tool, using a weapon that hasn't even been approved yet to test on a cop killing psychopath no one would have any sympathy for. If the XREP shotgun is approved, the sales for the British arm of the Taser empire will stand to make a fortune.


At 19/7/10 6:42 am, Anonymous travellerev said...

yep, with only ten minutes of training.


At 19/7/10 3:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want me one of those babies!!


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