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Monday, July 05, 2010

Legal School Searches

It's easier to get adults to hand over their rights if you've removed them at school, and so we see the Government setting out the legal rights to searches of children at school...

Legal advice allays teachers' search fears
Schools have been told they can now search pupils for weapons and drugs without fearing legal action.


Legal advice to schools about searching for weapons and drugs:

Pupils may be asked at any time by a teacher to empty their pockets or open their bag or locker.

Pupils must be present at all times during a search of their property. Teachers may retain any illicit item found.

If a pupil does not agree to a search, the pupil will be asked to go to the deputy principal's office. The pupil will then have the opportunity to ask any questions they have about the search, and the pupil's parents will be phoned. The pupil will be supervised at the office until the arrival of a parent or guardian.

Once the parent or guardian has arrived, the pupil will again be asked to empty their pockets or to open their bag or locker. If they do not agree, such refusal will be dealt with as a disciplinary matter.

If a parent or guardian is unavailable, a school counsellor will be asked to attend in support of the pupil.Source: Secondary Principals Association

Normally an authority needs to justify the reasons why they have the power to search you, note that part of this policy is nonexistent, which ironically is what the upcoming search and surveillance powers in October will grant the Police as well.

Surely there has to be a reason for the teacher to search a pupil, what these search rules seems to do is assume an immediate, unchallenged authority and give the power of search on the barest of thresholds.


At 6/7/10 3:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get em young boys and they wont question our new gestapo weve got planned

At 6/7/10 11:49 am, Anonymous John B said...

Gestapo?? leftie paranoid bullshit. Why dont you insist lawyers are present while the search takes place? Hey why dont we have human rights lawyers approved by the UN permanently stationed in schools? the measures seem reasonable and a practical way for schools to keep drugs, knives, porn etc out of schools. The most likely reason the 'reason' is not given is because it may vary alot, it could be a fricken PSP if the kid kept playing it in God damned class!(yeah Im an ex-teacher)


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