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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

John Key and the invasion of the zombie boat people

NZ facing threat of refugee boats: Key
New Zealand is not prepared to extend the number of refugees it accepts and needs to address the increasing risk of refugee boats reaching our shores, says Prime Minister John Key.

What is he up to? There is no bloody flotilla of boat people about to descend upon our shores because there's this bloody huge thing called Australia between us and where boat people will launch from, and even if they do get here, it's by mistake, they all want to move to Australia immediately!

So why is John frightening the horses with the zombie flotilla? What is he media smoke screening? Does Australia require the veneer of civility by including us in the building and maintenance of this East Timor detention camp? Is that the deal? NZ will fund(?) and run a questionable detention centre alongside the Australian military?

Key's need to sell us on zombie boat people invading NZ suggests he is preparing us for a sizable justification. Fear is never a good excuse for policy and tends to end up justifying something wretched. I sense something wretched this way a coming, and it ain't zombie boat people.


At 7/7/10 9:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He hasn't even looked at a map to see how much further those leaky tubs would have to float to get here, and through far rougher waters.

At 7/7/10 10:19 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He have enought Somalis here arriving via the airport as 'refugees' they are a crime wave in themselves


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