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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

John 'Boss Hogg' Key lies about 90 day right to sack powers

Just as with the mining valuations used to try and con NZers into supporting mining, John Key is lying through his bloody teeth when he claims workers will be told why they are being sacked...

Experts warn of loophole in 90-day trial scheme
The Prime Minister's claim that dismissed workers under the 90 day-trial scheme still have to be told why they are being fired is questionable, an employment law expert says. John Key was challenged in the House yesterday over comments bosses are obliged to give a reason why they are dismissing new workers under the scheme. The Government plans to extend the scheme - which applies to small companies of less than 20 workers - to all new workers. Outside the trial period, employers are obliged to give workers a consultation process:
* To tell a worker of the decision to fire them.

* To provide information that led to the decision and allow them a response before a final decision is made.

* To give them a written statement of why they were fired within 60 days, if requested.

But these protections are excluded from the trial period, as explained in an article tabled in Parliament by Lawlink, a network of 18 law firms from around New Zealand. "Under a trial period an employer does not have to tell an employee of any pending decision to terminate employment," the article said."Trial period employees have no right to comment on the proposed termination before it happens, nor are they able to request [a written explanation]."

So the protections Key is pretending will look after workers don't exist and this right to sack will impact 400 000 workers...

Workers lose their right to fair process in class war
More than 400,000 workers start new jobs every year and they will lose their rights to any fair process should their new employer have concerns.

...add to this the demands for a sick note to be sick and the extra pressure that will put on Drs shows how ill thought out National's attack on workers really is.

And what is the evidence the Merchant Banker Prime Minister is trying to use to con you the worker ant that it's all for you? A bullshit Department of Labour report that asks the boss man how he is liking his new powers to sack at will.

Well shit me sideways whanau, the bosses all seem to love it and the Department of Labour decided only to ask the boss man, not those being impacted by the boss man how wonderful the right to sack is. But what exactly did the report Key is trying to use to support his war on the Unions actually say...

Report on 90-day trials at odds with Govt line
Two of the main benefits hailed by the Government for the 90-day trial for newly hired workers - creating jobs and helping workers at the margins - have been challenged in the same report that has been cited as evidence that the scheme should be extended.

...I like this bit the most...

the Department of Labour report released last week said there was no evidence a probationary period did this."The ability to use trial periods appeared to have encouraged 40 per cent of employers who had hired someone to do so, however without any counterfactual evidence it cannot be stated categorically that trial periods had created extra job opportunities," the report said.

This declaration of war on the workers by National is aimed at raising funds from the Auckland Business Mafia who bankrolled the last election and want to see some right wing flag waving and nothing boosts the war chest through anonymous donations into the Waitamata Trust than some old fashioned class war union bashing.

This Government's vacant aspiration Daddy State is not moderate, it's hard right economic policy being sold as social policy. National are lying about the 90 day right to sack in the exact same way they lied about mineral valuations, exactly like they are lying about National Standards.

How's that 'change' feeling NZ?


At 21/7/10 9:49 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps if you got a job yourself you'd realise these provisions are fair? ever had a job Bomber?

At 21/7/10 10:07 am, Blogger Bomber said...

This cant be a serious question can it anon? You are asking if I am currently employed and have I ever had a job???

Well currently I'm employed to produce, write and host 2 TV shows, radio commentator, radio DJ and a host of other work. In the past I hosted the Qantas Award nominated 'Stake Out' on TV3, editor of Rip It up, talkback host on Channel Z and of course executive producer at Alt TV.

I'm not really sure the point you are trying to make here anon?

The fact is that National are lying about the 90 day right to sack, just like they lied about mining valuations, just like they are lying about national standards. I'm not sure how my employment status has anything to do with National's right to sack workers.

At 21/7/10 12:04 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

But isn't this how Anon posters and right wing ideologues work, spin and personal attack but a lack of real ideas, discussion and most sorely missing - solutions.
You may have a job Anon but while the worlds wealth is held by so few and while those without are increasingly exploited and disenfranchised your hold is increasingly tenuous. A clever society will maintain it's middle class at any cost, because that creates stability, as the middle class disappears throughout Western economies because of the greed you espouse we grow closer to a real crisis, as history has proved.

At 21/7/10 12:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps what I meant to ask would be better phrased as this: "Have you ever ever had a menial job you weren't enamoured with that involved hard graft?"

Looking at your past employment, you work appears to mostly involve positions in which you can eexpress your political views. And, while I may not agree with them, you do seem passionate about supporting left wing causes.

From this I surmise you have ambition and work ethic when working and are not an unproductive or lazy employee.

Now this type of person is out there; someone who wants a job they don't have to work at too hard but who still expects the same pay check for as anyone else. It is these people an employer sould be able to divest themselves from early in their employment without having to jump through kegal hoops.

At 21/7/10 12:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

As an employer I now have a problem - slack workers who have been employed longer than 90 days now have a strong incentive not to leave - as they know they will not last 90 days with a new employer, so I'm stuck with them. Thanks a lot John.


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