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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Homeless? There's always our profitable private jail industry

Every one happy they have had their blood lust pound of flesh from the dirty filthy bennies sated by Paula Bennett throwing state housing tenants out onto the street?

Big jump in eviction notices
Housing New Zealand chief operating officer Stephen McArthur said what happened to tenants once they were evicted was not monitored. "The corporation does not follow the progress of former tenants once they are no longer living in a state house." He said the eviction notices were issued when a Housing New Zealand investigation "reveals a tenant has provided the corporation with false or misleading information that has resulted in them wrongly obtaining a corporation home, or receiving income-related rent when they are not entitled to it". Social Development Minister Paula Bennett said: "It is a privilege to be housed by the Government and there is a waiting list of people wanting state houses. People have an obligation to be stepping up and playing their part."

No Paula, stick to illegally revealing solo mother privacy details (which you ARE going to pay for by the way Paula), it's not a privilege, it's a responsibility by the State to house the homeless and these new eviction powers lead to one very simple question which the people in this news story avoid and that is, where do these evicted state tenants go? Well Crusher Collins seems to be doing all she can to promote her brilliant private prison industry (it will 'generate' $1.2billion yet cost $1.3billion, she's not too bright is she, even the Herald is critical).

So how about Paula just provide a taxi chit straight to the private prison when we evict these state tenants to save time and make the transfer from bennie to prisoner as efficient as possible?


At 15/7/10 1:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"it's not a privilege, it's a responsibility by the State to house the homeless "

No its not.

It is an ideological view not a right found anywhere in common law or statute.

If you want to disagree then apply to the Courts for a judicial review on that basis and see how far it gets you.


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