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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gerry Picking facts

Wage stats prove Brownlee wrong
A war of statistical tables in Parliament left National red-faced after even its own figures showed the gap in earnings between New Zealanders and Australians had increased since it took office in November 2008.

Economic Development Minister Gerry Brownlee had said in Parliament on Tuesday that the gap was less than it was when Labour was in power but yesterday the statistics proved him wrong no matter how they were presented.

Prime Minister John Key produced a table which he said most accurately compared average earnings because it took into account purchasing power parity.

But his own figures showed the gap had increased by $22 in the two years since National took over in 2008. Instead, he said it showed the gap was less than it was at the "maximum point" of Labour's reign when the gap peaked at $187.60 in 2005.

For crying out loud, can't the Government just admit that the catching up with Australia 2025 is really just a pointless exercise to keep Don Brash busy so he isn't fucking things up for National? The much vaunted gap between NZ and Australia has gotten worse under National, get over it Gerry and just admit you cocked this one up just like you cocked up mining.


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