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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Filthy Farmers actively tell porkies about pig welfare

Farmers try to conceal pig welfare data
A leaked email shows pig farmers want to avoid public scrutiny by evading the Official Information Act so they will not face "embarrassment" from the conditions reported at their piggeries.

The results of a nationwide audit, led by the Pork Industry Board, are subject to the act and would ordinarily be accessible by the public.

However, the board has admitted it will deliberately evade the act, prompting the Ombudsmen's Office to say there appeared to be grounds for a complaint and subsequent investigation.

Those filthy pig farmers are actively evading scrutiny over the welfare of their pigs? Consumers simply have to react by demanding cruelty free labeling so that they can decide if they want to give their money to filthy farmers who hide from animal welfare scrutiny or to those farmers who wish to produce pork products that are cruelty free.

You can see why the Pork Board want these surveillance powers in October to be able to spy on anyone who may be highlighting the welfare of pigs, let's not give the filthy farmer those powers huh?


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