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Monday, July 05, 2010

The Emissions Trading Scam and the audacity of Farmers

John Key passed this Emissions trading scam UNDER URGENCY with a little help from his friends the Maori Party, who agreed to sell out NZs aspirations to do something meaningful on climate change because they were able to get $50 million for their corporate Maori mates.

Shame on the Maori Party, shame. Helping to pass an emissions trading scam that will hand over an eye watering $100 billion to corporate big polluters until 2050, well past when the Arctic Sea is predicted to be ice free. We will be subsidizing big polluters by 55% until 2050!

Isn’t that whacky, Hone Harawira's party is now helping the white mofos rape and pillage the land?

AND YET - the bloody farmers have the audacity to protest when as Idiot Savant over at No Right Turn points out, these bloody Farmers are now receiving more subsidies from the Government than bloody Muldoon provided!!!!

Climate change: A comparison
So, under the ETS, we'll be subsidising our farmers about as much per year in real terms as they were getting back in the dark days of Muldoon.

Now of course the Farmers with their climate denying and climate denier funded political mates - ACT - are against the ETS because they all claim man made global warming is a Greenpeace inspired myth, I'm against the ETS because it doesn't go far enough, Polluters should pay for their pollution - we can't factor in the cost as a consumer to making better consumer choices if the cost of the pollution isn't in the product.

Those billions National are handing over to their industry mates should be going into research for those primary product industries to produce lower carbon products.

The brilliant Rod Oram puts it much better...

A costly exercise in hypocrisy
OPINION: The Government has made an utter mockery of the emissions trading scheme. Such is National's abuse of policy-making, consultation and parliamentary process, the country will pay dearly for the government's ETS mistakes for years to come.

Prime Minister John Key should care enough to stop the nonsense, even if motivated only by National's political self-interest.

If you want a flavour of the shambles created by Climate Change Minister Dr Nick Smith and endorsed by the prime minister, download the report on the legislation by the finance and expenditure select committee at www.parliament.nz/en-NZ/PB/SC/Documents/Reports/.

The committee was supposed to consider submissions on the extensive changes to the ETS the government proposed, gather analysis from Treasury and other expert witnesses, and make appropriate changes to the bill before sending it back to parliament.

Instead, the committee, chaired by Craig Foss of National, failed to execute all three of its tasks. Unable to produce a majority report, it sent the bill back without a single amendment. Instead the report consists only of minority reports from each of the parties represented on the committee.


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