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Friday, July 23, 2010

The Drunk Detective Story (UPDATE:)

You thought a bunch of off duty cops beating the snot out of a teenager who turned out to be Detectives son was funny? It ain't nothing on this story I've been following since New Years Day, now remember one of the good old boy Judges has amazingly already let one of these Detectives off, but his mate doesn't seem so lucky...

Detective accused of exposing himself
A drunk, off-duty police detective dropped his pants and exposed himself to a mother and her young son, a court has heard.

The detective, who works at Police National Headquarters, is facing a charge of offensive behaviour and exposing himself. He denies the allegations, and has name suppression.

The woman yesterday told the Pukekohe District Court she was picking up her homesick 11-year-old son from a sleepover about 2am on New Year's Day and decided to drop some clothes off at the Salvation Army on her way home.

The woman said she was approached by a man who stood in front of her car and stopped her from pulling out of the car park.

She said the man asked her: "What the f*** am I doing out on the street with my child at that time of night."

The woman said he was slurring his words and she was frightened.

She said the man then showed her a detective's badge which she thought could be fake.

The woman wound down the window and took it out of his hands.

But she said the badge looked authentic and the photograph in the wallet matched the man. She said she told the police officer that his fly was undone, and he "chuckled a little bit and stepped backwards".

"He began to fumble with the dome on his pants and he was still chuckling as if he found the situation very funny. It was then that his pants fell down to his knees area. I saw his penis," the woman said. She said thankfully her son was looking away.

The woman was then approached by another off-duty police officer who she thought might be coming to help her. "The man asked me what the f****** problem was," she said.

The woman said both police officers were obviously drunk.

Now you would think accosting an innocent mother with child and smearing your penis all over their window would be enough right? Oh but it gets better, the mother ironically calls the Police and uniformed cops turned up and tried to 'reason' with the drunk off duty detectives, the pair refuse to go with the Uniformed Police Officers and so the senior sergeant from Papakura is called, they refused to follow him, and ONLY THEN do the two drunk off duty cops get arrested.

Just a small question, if anyone of us had drunkenly accosted a mother and child and exposed ourselves on New Years Day, would anyone of us be politely asked by Uniformed Police to go home and then have the senior sergeant from Papakura turn up and pretty, pretty, pretty please ask us to go home? Like fuck they would, if it had been anyone of us doing this, the Police would have either set a dog on us, pepper sprayed us, tasered us or hell, even shot us for this. I just love how the uniformed Police and the senior sergeant begged the Detectives to go home.

Hilarious stuff.

(UPDATE) But wait, here's the punchline folks - the Drunk Detective gets let off! One law for the cops, one law for the rest of us (unless you are a cop who beats up a Detectives son that is). The Judges ruling is absurd, if the woman felt scared why did she use the BP service station to call rather than her cell phone? That's a joke ruling surely? It's reminiscent of the Martinborough Judge who let off the vigilantes this year.


At 23/7/10 8:10 am, Anonymous Marcel said...

To think our govt want them to have guns by Christmas?

In reality they are normal people with a few weeks training and then off onto the streets, seriously c'mon you could train monkey's and im sure the results would be more satisfactory.

At 23/7/10 8:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

These cops were high on alcohol when committing these crimes.
Drugged up to the eyeballs on drink.
With the positions they hold should it be acceptable that they imbibe such a dangerous drug?
Are they habitual users of said drug?
Some may argue that said drug is legal & they were imbibing in their free time.
Petrol is legal.
If members of our police force sniffed petrol in their free time would we as a nation be OK with that?
Which drugs are good?
Which drugs are bad?
I think a drug that turns an upstanding law enforcer into a fuckwit has to be one of the bad ones no?
One day, laws will be made by thinkers.
Until that day we will see increasing prison populations & escalations in crime.

Peace & love to all.

At 23/7/10 11:24 am, Anonymous Dee said...

Where does it say that he smeared his penis all over her window?

Also where does it say that the cops and their boss begged the detectives to go home?

Are you a journalist Bomber or just a fiction writer who gets a bit hysterical and just plain invents stuff to make his story seem even more dramatic?

At 23/7/10 11:53 am, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - Hello Dee, I'm going to enjoy this.

I take it Dee as in Detective? It's always a joy having you join the debate, couple of things of course, I don't pretend to be a Journalist, this is a blog, I'm a blogger, I present an opinion. You did cover blogs at the academy didn't you?

As for your points, let's have a chat about them, the smearing of the penis on the car window is certainly creative license on my part, because it's funny. In actuality his penis was level with her drivers side car window, does that make you feel better? Does that justify his actions more Dee?

As for the uniformed Police begging the two drunk detectives to leave and not terrorize this mother and her child any longer, why I found out about that like you must have, by reading it in the news...

Detective charged over late-night row
Uniformed officers arrived at the station and tried to convince the two detectives to leave with them quietly. The pair refused, so the senior sergeant from Papakura was called. When the two detectives refused to go to the station with the higher-ranking officer, they were arrested. The incident was captured on CCTV.

Thanks for playing Dee, always a pleasure

At 23/7/10 2:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, this is not ridiculous. There was no evidence to support this woman's account other than the fact the cop was drunk. he was found not guilty.

Just because you think one thing doesn't mean it's true. Bomber, judge, jury and executioner. No wait... isn't that what you accuse the police of being?

At 23/7/10 2:42 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

No, what wasn't proven was that he pulled his penis out, what was proven was that these two drunk off duty Detectives were pretty pleased by the uniformed Police and then pretty, pretty pleased by the Senior Sergeant from Papakura. The way they were kid gloved while drunk shows a clear difference in the way they were treated and the way anyone who wasn't a Detective would have been treated.

At 23/7/10 2:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, it doesn't, They were arrested and charged and put before the courts like any other person.

just because junior uniform staff call a supervisor for advice dodes not mean they were kid gloved. Junior staff call supervisors for advcie when arresting sex offenders. Does this mean sex offenders are kid gloved?

your arguments are disingenious and spurious at best.

At 23/7/10 3:09 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

2 drunk off duty detectives trying to do active police duties accused of exposing themselves to a mother and son they were attempting to question are asked pretty please by uniformed police and then pretty, pretty please by the Senior Sergeant from Papakura isn't kid gloves?

If anyone else had pulled this stunt while drunk they would have been pepper sprayed, tasered and arrested without any of the pretty pleasing. Trying to defend this by comparing arresting sex offenders to arresting Detectives is what is disingenuous and spurious.

At 23/7/10 3:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So in conclusion.
Any man can show his custard-chucker to a woman & child & get away with it at cost to the taxpayer.

Duly noted.

At 23/7/10 3:38 pm, Anonymous Richard said...

Anon:I think a drug that turns an upstanding law enforcer into a fuckwit has to be one of the bad ones no?

I think there is a good chance that the officer is a fuckwit when sober too.


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