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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Don’t blame it on the 3 strikes, don’t blame it on the red necks, don’t blame it on the private prisons, blame it on the Maoris.

Crusher Collins gave an incredible answer to the question as to why we have the second highest incarceration rate in the world, her answer was, ‘because of maori’. Note, it’s not the medieval raw meat law and order policy that Crusher Collins and the National Party have championed, it’s not the private prisons Crusher Collins was claiming would generate $1.2Billion (while costing $1.3billion), our second highest incarceration rate is not because of the right wing political manipulation of anger generated by a crime myopic media - oh no, the Prison Nation National built is all because of dem dere maoris.

The utter denial by National that they have anything to do with the punitive prison nation they have created which will now employ more people than any another department is breathtaking in it’s bare faced lie and is insulting beyond capacity that Crusher Collins would try and duck the responsibility of her Prison nation by blaming Maoris.

Judith Collins is to wise social policy what BP boss Tony Hayward is to corporate responsibility.


At 27/7/10 8:25 pm, Anonymous deano said...

A bare faced lie?

"In the year 2006, of those convicted in court with a known ethnicity, 43% were Māori, 9% were Pacific peoples, 45% were New Zealand European, and 3% other ethnicity (Morrison, Soboleva & Chong, 2008). Māori imprisonment levels are also high, with Māori comprising around 50% of New Zealand prison inmates."

So...all Maori only comprise about 12-15% of NZers but comprise 50% of prisoners.

A bare faced lie Bomber? That seems disingenuous.

Or is our system and our cops so racist that it is out to get Maori? The system did not force James Hemana to assault his six month old child today, or for the Curtis brothers to kill Nia Glassie, or for the Mongrel mob member with the tats on his face (I forget the name)to assault his partner...of course we could go on.

Would you not send these violent baby assaulters and career criminals to prison? Should we just send them to restorative justice and let them do a few hakas?

At 28/7/10 11:42 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

she speaks the truth

At 28/7/10 4:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If people think that cops dont do racial profiling then they've been living a very VERY sheltered life.
I think it explains why most of the cop killers are white.
They're terrified of going to a jail jam packed with Maori.


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