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Friday, July 16, 2010

Don says 'you cut back while I spend'

Brash blows fees budget
The controversial 2025 Task Force – which recommended slashing government spending – blew its entire three-year budget for chairman Don Brash's meeting fees in just one year. Dr Brash was paid $1200 a day to chair the commission, and the Government expected to pay him for eight full days of meetings and preparation in 2009-10 and four days for the following two years. But documents made public by Treasury show Dr Brash received $39,450 in the first year – four times the amount earmarked for his first year on the taskforce.

I love how they didn't bother bringing in many external experts which is why the entire thing just came in under budget (why bother with external experts when Don has all the answers?)

It's odd that Don tells us we need to cut back while he splurges all for a neoliberal task force that the Government has ignored because Uncle Don terrifies the horses.

The reality is National has to keep Don busy, so it's either the ridiculous 'catching up with Australia by 2025', or 'building a suspension bridge between the North Island and South Island'.

It's safer that we waste taxpayer dollars keeping him busy on pointless projects than he actually gets to do something structural to the economy.


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