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Friday, July 23, 2010

Colonel Sanders Primary School

Private firms keen to invest in new state schools
Private companies chasing investment in new schools are in "constant contact" with the Government. Infrastructure Minister Bill English said yesterday a tender for public-private partnerships in as many as six new schools could be offered next year. There was already strong interest from the private sector. The initiative would involve private-sector operators financing, building and maintaining schools for a set term, with the Government retaining ownership of the land, and schools and boards of trustees being left to concentrate on their day-to-day running.

Anne says news that she’s looking to privatize some schools should not be seen as a negative. Corporations will be able to buy the school and lease it for 30 years, but Anne assures us that the Corporations won’t direct curriculum, they will just maintain the buildings.

But what if MacDonalds or KFC or Coca Cola buy these schools through their education maintenance arm they create right after this legislation passes? What if it seriously is Ronald McDonald school with Hamburgler school Uniforms? Big Mac time out cages with the purple Grimace bowel Tumor from too much saturated fats. Or what if it’s Colonel Sanders good ole southern boy plantation flogging whip for not being able to add two drum sticks plus a zinger burger in terms of 11 secret herbs and spices deliciousness?

What companies are the National Party selling our schools off to and will they be able to sell advertising at the schools?


At 23/7/10 3:41 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pre-emptive war is the BUSH DOCTRINE not Obama. Saddams murder was a war crime, but some say his execution was his own fault as he was a butcher; literally. Saddam may have committed gross human rights violations as a Sovereign head of state in the past 3 decades, during his 24 year leadership from 1979-2003. He did crush the Kurds uprising after the first Gulf War with the President’s father the first Bush in the Oval office. For the Iraqi people the worst of all possible world’s has been realised from the illegal invasion and ongoing occupation by foreign power’s as recorded recently on Tumeke of this War. I am very critical of a form of Green-zone-puppet-regime-politics after the illegal hanging of Saddam by Bush, Blair and Howard. We are still following a Cold War foreign policy of the ALL-LIES from WW2 in much of the world. The ongoing state of emergency against terrorism in its illegality does not grant them broad powers to lock all radicalised opponents up indefinitely. During the Cold War the U.S decided they needed these guys’s on their side. Otago University Professor and Newstalk ZB commentator with Larry Williams on the Drive show 4-7pm weekdays Robert Patman claims that Phil Goff told him we have spent somewhere in the region of over $2 Billion dollars supporting the U.S, Britain and Australia, our once traditional wartime Allies war efforts.

This amount includes over 100 light armoured vehicles for the Army and 7 new ships from project protector for the Navy. Nearly another billion dollars worth of French NH90 helicopters are on their way as well even before the White Paper on defence is complete.

They are remembered every year on Anzac day by the young being indoctrinated into the power of being victors unleashed on the oppressed through an often jingoistic-nationalistic-fervour designed to make recent arrivals like political refugees from their Wars unsure of their place in this their new country. The U.S indifference of U.N. instructions for peace and the U.S and Britain vetoes of Security Council resolutions against War are a travesty of justice mostly for the unsuspecting and downtrodden Iraqi people. The worst of all possible worlds has been realised from the illegal invasion and ongoing occupation by foreign powers as recorded recently of this War. The sheer brutality of the period after the war was won supposedly still haunts us today, with the massacre of some 800 civilians, 308 or roughly half of the civilians killed total between 572 and 616 were women and kids in Fallujah, (APRIL 2004 SEIGE.) A much lower and fallacious total of 280 dead came from the aptly named Iraqi Health Ministry (IRAQ BODY COUNT) .

At 23/7/10 3:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder the beheadings captured on the internet sent a wave of terror flooding through the West as the very self same outcome had been unleashed from 10,000 feet on them. It’s nothing personal at that distance from your target. You don’t get to see the dead you’ve killed from afar face to face or look into the eyes you’ve taken the life out of.

Meanwhile, in Fiji, some people had been calling the Indians weeds that must be expelled and rooted out have ceased as the so-called threat of Indian domination numerically and politically seems a distant memory for Fiji after 4 coups. Together with Australia we have sent troops to the Solomons, Tonga and East Timor (Timor Lest) only recently to sure up support for the powers that be in the pacific region now known as the Asia Pacific (APEC) rim. We are performing the role of a "deputy sheriff" according to our Australian Muslim friends and neighbours like the Grand Mufti of the South Pacific. Our ongoing support for the other War by the West in Afghanistan and several rotations of troops in their hundreds now shows that our Nationalism based National, Act, and Maori Party Coalition Government support the murderous and ongoing slaughter of so-called Insurgent forces in the Middle East.

So in conclusion the war on terror is really just a continuation of the Cold War. Obama made a very controversial choice of location for his place to reach out to the Muslim world in Cairo in Egpyt under another middle eastern Dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The ongoing state of emergency grants him broad powers to lock opponents up indefinitely. During the cold war the U.S decided they needed this guy on their side, and the thin cigar smoking former president on the balcony in Baghdad with General Casey whom he later replaced thought that at the presidential level it is still very much a strongman dictatorship, much like Saddam Hussein, and the assassination that enabled a former air-force officer who had been his vice-president to take over under a state of emergency is still in force today. Twenty five years later that state of emergency was still in place, and is also illegal.

He ran unopposed in 3 elections, then he finally ran for re-election under pressure from the $2 billion dollars aid from the U.S (Israel gets the other $3 billion for F-16’s etc and the rest up to $5 billion for the whole region). Seventy percent of American aid however is tied to buying back their weapons. In 2005 in an ostensibly open race against 2 opponents he banned the main opposition the radical Hamas styled brotherhood and arrested them during the elections. The police, said to be commonplace brandishing machine guns on every street corner virtually, beat

At 23/7/10 3:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

protesters and jailed journalists and civil-rights advocates who spoke out too loudly for democratic reforms. He ended up with a 90% approval in a rigged election. All this is to keep a lid on Islamic extremists, like the Muslim brotherhood whose members are constantly being harassed and arrested by the government. During the likes of the Cold War the U.S decided they needed a guy like this on their side.

Following the end of the Cold War, the U.S is not totally dominant as some at the international courts of justice would like to make out. People and nations are not divided into George W Bush’s good and evil or with us or against us view-point of the world. There is a bit of both in two competing and complimentary and major ideologies left still in the modern world, Capitalism and Communism.
North Korea is the only true Stalinist state left on earth stands beside her only real ally China. And it is not wholly evil, but the U.S is hardly virtue personified when you take a good hard look at the track record of 30 interventions worldwide since World War 2.The U.S fares dismally on this count. The most notable examples are Vietnam and Iraq twice. But also an unlawful Iran-Contra deal with Oliver North and with Reagan and with Daniel Ortega ruling twice in Sandinistan Nicaragua. Also Guatemala, Cambodia which was illegally bombed during the cross border incursions and support of Pol Pot. Korea, Grenada, and Afghanistan and the symbolic bombing of the Chinese embassy by Clinton in Bosnia.
The U.S enjoys unprecedented freedom doing what comes naturally but that may be coming to a sharp close as Iran and North Korea go nuclear.

Meanwhile, in Fiji. In 1970 they were roughly half the population, but that has fallen quite suddenly to much lower levels as a percentage of the population since the exodus after the coups. In a 2007 Census they had dropped to 37.5% of the population projected to fall as low as a quarter in the next few years running up to the unlikely deadline of 2014 for democratic elections. The question remains will there be any subsequent coup’s now they are no longer a threat numbers wise to indigenous Fijians. More concerning however for us are the implications of so many political refugees coming here from Fiji on such a massive scale. A trickle has turned into a flood, and every Fijian Indian with the means to do so will come here probably. It is anyone’s guess how many are here already, and whether they are equipped education wise to handle the move from basically a very primitive culture to quite a sophisticated one. The so-called threat of Indian domination numerically and politically seems a distant memory for Fiji after 4 coups. The Indian community however remains ‘hobbled and divided’ and has a very appeasing attitude to their oppressors. Basically they have become apologists for the dictatorial regime, and are probably concerned for those they have left behind not wanting to aggravate the already tense situation any further. Radio Tarana stands out as one noticeable example

At 23/7/10 3:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

interviewing the Commodore frequently on air. They can no longer condone in all good conscience what is now fast becoming our problem to deal with also for their sakes. For now, they are out of power.

Meanwhile, helicopters earmarked by the Ministry of Defence to help British troops in Afghanistan will not be able to fly on combat operations because they are not armour-plated, senior RAF sources have disclosed. Pilots say a failure to equip the 6 Merlin helicopters-which will go to Helmand province in December-without proper protection from bullets and rocket-propelled grenades will endanger the lives of passengers and crew. Former Labour Secretary for defence Bob Ainsworth needed to get his act together and ensure the troops had the necessary equipment to stay safe. Massive troop carrying Chinook and the two seater Prince Harry (who misses his mother) controlled Puma/Apache helicopters remove the need to worry about hidden roadside bombs set by the Taliban and which have accounted for 2/3rds of all casualties so far.

313 in total with 22 in July, it’s bloodiest month and it’s highest casualties this year; 1 dead for every 15 votes in Helmand after Panthers Claw, which involved 3000 troops routing 500 insurgents in a 5 week offensive to secure the province for the elections. 150 locals out of 80,000 were brave enough to vote in an otherwise dismal turnout in a dozen stations between the towns of Lashkar Gah and Gereshk in Babaji district, and 1/3rd of all British troops killed were in Sangin Province as well. (Sources; British overseas weekly nwespapers.)

Serco, it already helps to train armed forces to use Britain’s fleet of aircraft, such as the Chinook and Puma/Apache and Merlin helicopters on the front line in Afghanistan. They are responsible for failing to deliver an extra 8 mothballed helicopters after cost cutting on building their own software for Boeing made Chinooks that would take the numbers moving troops from somewhere in the region of 7-10 already operational to 15-18.At 62 million pounds each they languish in a bunker somewhere at a cost of 259 million pounds wasted for cutting corners. It will cost half a billion pounds to make them fully operational in time to serve in this ongoing and protracted conflict.

Sharia, Islam, Muslims, and Wahhabism and its followers shun alcohol, cigarettes, music and naughty videos like porn on the internet. This it is said in Australia is choosing a violent and austere lifestyle in direct opposite to the Ocker binge drinking and footy and bar-b-q of the silent majority set on sport and other trivial weekend so-called leisure distractions.

At 23/7/10 3:44 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then we should get out of Afghanistan today, and as Paul Buchanan mentions in this weeks Listener magazine we should not eschew our allies requests for more troops to train Afghan forces with 190 from the provincial reconstruction team isolated in the mountainsides in Bamiyan not being very effective, and not 140/190 as he mentioned in his lucid spell-checked article (Bayiman twice) before the civilian head of operations confirmed what he said on the news last night that we had 190/210 in total deployed there and as a matter of fact, I believe that is what we should do in New Zealand.
But the entirely possible attribution of Katrina to Climate Change was also unfairly overlooked and people opted instead to blame the ongoing protracted nature os conflict in this War in Afghanistan and also IRAQ on missing national guard troops to clean up and who are really just the equivalent of our territorials and are also just a part time force with proper jobs.

With our troops otherwise deployed to the South Pacific and with the requisite equipment and money spent on them that we should have spent on American’s poor had we offered to help out at the time.Where was our sense of national pride or patriotism so evident in our overseas troops to help them out in their own backyard when really needed?


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