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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A certain brutal SuperCity Charm

Ex-National MPs deluging Citizens & Ratepayers card
Former National MPs are filling the ranks of the Citizens & Ratepayers ticket with the announcement that Marie Hasler will contest the Waitakere ward for the Super City. The former Waitakere MP and Cabinet minister joins former National Cabinet minister and Auckland City Mayor Christine Fletcher seeking a position for C&R on the Auckland Council.

There is a certain brutal charm watching members of the very same Political Party who rammed the theft of Auckland through under a misuse of urgency, gerrymandering the system for their asset 'rationalization' (privatization by another name) agenda scramble to now get the best seats in the new SuperCity clusterfuck.

It's like a thief who after robbing you, then decides to move in next door and become President of the Neighbourhood watch.

CnR have an ugly, brutal charm about them.


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