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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Bomber's Blog - The War on News - ONLINE NOW!

The War on News: 'Don't blame it in the 3 strikes, don't blame it on the private prisons, don't blame it on the red necks, blame it on the Maoris', National frightened by their own Nanny State myth, I think I'm in love with Helen Kelly

Wank o the Week: BP faking photos, why does God hate gay netball teachers? Wikileaks rethink on selling the Afghan war

The War on News 2010 – NZ News Satire on Stratos Sky 89 10.30pm Tuesday & simulcast on Freeview 21. Replayed on Triangle TV 9.45pm Wednesday and posted online at Scoop.co.nz as their Weekend Watch.

It’s just like 7 days on TV3 but with fewer dick jokes.

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