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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Andy Haden spews more crude filth than the BP Gulf oil spill

Haden to be axed for rape comments
Andy Haden's role as Rugby World Cup Ambassador is over after he made comments suggesting women who target sport stars and end up being raped are partly to blame. It is the second time Haden's comments have ignited controversy. In May, he accused the Canterbury Crusaders of following racist policies with a quota for "darkies". Haden later apologised, and Rugby World Cup Minister Murray McCully allowed him to keep his ambassador role. But comments Haden made on Sky TV's Deaker on Sport programme on Wednesday are understood to have pushed Mr McCully over the edge. Haden, when asked about former All Black Robin Brooke allegedly having sex with a near-comatose teenager and then paying her to keep quiet, said these kinds of stories had "two sides to them".

"There's a bloke called Hugh Grant. He got into a bit of trouble like this and I think if the cheque bounces sometimes, they only realise that they've been raped, you know, sometimes," he said.

"It's an equal society now. Some of these girls are targeting rugby players and targeting sportsmen and they do so at their peril today."

WTF? The Darkies thing was just way over the top right? We were all stunned when it turned out that Haden wasn't trying to show up the beliefs of people who think like a racist and was in fact exhibiting the casual racism of a casual racist, but this bewildering claim that woman who want sex with rugby players can't complain if they get raped is just so far from reality one needs to start questioning his right to vote, not his role as a Rugby Ambassador.

Get rid of this stupid clown now, he is an embarrassing dinosaur who is only damaging our international reputation everytime he appears with Deaker on Sport.

And for the record, there is no 'two sides of the story' when one side is comatozed! Andy Haden spews more crude filth than the BP Gulf oil spill.


At 10/7/10 1:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andy Hayden is the perfect representative for the thugbyworld cup.
Hayden accurately represents the ugly, violent, and backwards attitudes constantly displayed by thugby players and supporters.
Thugbyworld cup ambassadors pretending to be evolved, civilised, human beings are the ones who should lose their jobs.

Nothing wrong with using knuckle-dragging Neanderthals to represent knuckle-dragging Neanderthals, is there?

At 11/7/10 4:07 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

I think he's had one too many blows to the head, it's as though he thinks the comfy couch atmosphere of the TV set was actually the living room of a friend.


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