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Monday, July 12, 2010

All quiet on the Climate Denier front

Inquiry clears 'climategate' scientists of dishonest acts
...the review found that the researchers concerned, led by the director of UEA's Climatic Research Unit Professor Phil Jones, could not be faulted for their "rigour and honesty as scientists", and there was no evidence that they had behaved in a way that might undermine the conclusions of the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

This was the report we've all been waiting for into the 'climategate' emails so, where are my climate deniers now? Where is the right wing blogosphere eating humble pie over their claims that the climate gate emails proved global warming by man made pollution was a hoax perpetrated by Greenpeace? Is Whaleoil admitting he got it wrong yet? What about Kiwiblogh? Cactus Kate seems quiet on the climate denial front as too are UNpc and No Minister.

Let's remember some of those lies they spun shall we, just in case the deniers try to wriggle away from their previous claims that man made pollution wasn't causing climate change...

Poneke climate denial deserves contempt

Kiwiblog 6 - 7 metres: Yeah — I know.

La-la Land again: Jim Hopkins gets it wrong

A visitor from La-la Land: Garth George gets it wrong (again)

Egg/face interface for Hide and the climate cranks

Herald censures IPCC on flimsy grounds

Dominion Post editorial as shaky as Herald’s

...these filthy NZ blogger deniers who have muddied the waters to stop the public from hearing the truth that man made pollution is causing warming must be shown the contempt they deserve.


At 12/7/10 8:44 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mantra seems to be 'whitewash'. No evidence supporting this of course, but this isn't new in the deniers' lala land world of black helicopters and a green/communist global government.


At 12/7/10 9:07 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

CO2 is not a pollutant Bomber. It's essential for life on earth. More cO2 means a lot more plant growth, as greenhouse owners know. It is not and never will be a pollutant, regardless of silly rulings by the US courts, or comments by desperate alarmists.

The alarmists are finished now. No one believes these 3 whitewashes. Reinstating Phil Jones has further stuffed a thoroughly rotten brand.

These 3rd rate enquiries just highlight again and again how poorly the UEA pseudo scientists have behaved. And how empty and distorted the whole science supporting AGW is.

At 12/7/10 12:23 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

Yes anon and bread isn't poisonous unless you eat a ton of it in one sitting.

At 12/7/10 2:19 pm, Anonymous Richard Leckinger said...

Wow Bomber! The denialists are even afraid to leave their name now. Typical. Won't stand behind their unsubstantiated blather.

How could we possible peer review their comments if they won't show their faces? ;-)

At 12/7/10 2:31 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"..these filthy NZ blogger deniers"

Dude you moderate comments to stop abuse yet engage in the same kind of behaviour.

Get a fucking grip.

PS Ever heard about freedom of speech, seems to be a foreign concept to you.

At 12/7/10 5:52 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

Whitewash, the crime wasn't the leaking but the conscious decision to falsify the data. The whole thing was one big peer review anyway - the same system which got the dumb fucks in trouble to start with!

Still, we've won the public opinion battle now. All that's needed now is the first power bills to drop on dootsteps and the ETS will be dead by September.

At 12/7/10 6:48 pm, Blogger dave said...

No data was falsified. Data is always subjected to error as are scientists, but there are so many checking on one other that few mistakes go unchallenged. Jones only crime was to get really pissed of with denialists. He took his time supplying hard to get data as was impatient with denialists asking him to find the data for them when they could have done it themselves. This is understandable but doesnt look good in a scientist. No doubt Phil will watch his emails in future and keep up the good work.

At 12/7/10 11:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Remember the climate claims made when the Kyoto protocol was up for signing?
How many have proven true or look likely? About zero.
There is a historically proven truth about climate and that's that warm is better for mankind and cold is horror.
CO2 levels have been much much higher in the past and earth did not turn into venus.
Look at the temp record of the last 500000yrs and ask the question "what is likely to come next?" Go on.

At 13/7/10 2:45 am, Blogger Cactus Kate said...

Yes I'd love to break up 2 weeks of drinking with friends and now another 6 weeks overseas travelling to blog about...(yawn)....climate change....wake us up when everyone's worked out it's an expensive load of pants.

At 13/7/10 7:56 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Kate - did you just use the word 'pants'? Do you shop at Sylvia Park as well?


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