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Saturday, July 10, 2010

After 27 photo ops, party central without the party or central

Key won't 'throw stones' over party central
LATEST: Prime Minister John Key says he does not want to start "throwing stones" over the failure to secure Queens Wharf as "party central" for the Rugby World Cup. Key yesterday revealed the Government would have to start looking at alternative locations for the number one fan zone at next year's Rugby World Cup, following wrangling over the future of sheds on the Auckland wharf.

I live across the road from Queen's Wharf, so I'll be living in the shadow of whatever monstrosity they finally vomit up amongst themselves, but what a very classic example of Auckland being so very bloody Auckland!

Mike Lee's sudden conversion to heritage crusader based on a 'secret' memo trying to claim those eyesores warehouses are some sort of cultural taonga is as believable as the Japanese claim of scientific whaling. Mike wants a Cruise ship terminal to turn the 'people's wharf' into the P&O welcome mat which will be out of bands for the public 30% of the time!

But on the flip side one has to ask, if the Government were geniune about a subtle negotiation through the egos of Auckland, why on earth would you send the head of the house of Slitherin. Murray McCully? He can't shut Andy Haden up, forget trying to organize Party Central.

John Key has ignored the first rule of being the National Party leader. If you are ever going to do something important and big, send Murry McCully overseas first! I believe Jim Bolger referred to that as the 'golden principle'.

What we are seeing here is the typical National party, very good at spin, crap at political management. John Key did 27 photo ops selling 'Party Central', thats great spin, but look at the management, the PM was involved, the Minister of Infrastructure, the Minister of Transport and the Minister of the Rugby World Cup were all involved in this, yet they still manage to bugger it up.

Remember the debacle over the Rugby World Cup broadcasting rights? Muzza led that attack on the windmills as well and we had a situation where half the bloody cabinet got involved and started to try and outbid each other WITH OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS!

Seriously, send Muzza to South Africa for a study on the vuvuzela, ANYTHING that keeps him away from the important decisions.


At 12/7/10 12:33 pm, Anonymous Simon said...

What's wrong with a party in a big shed for god's sake! How Kiwi do you want to be. we could fill it with wool bales, tons of local piss (as it will be against the law to sell anything other than Heineken within a 2km radius of the stadium ((WTF!)) and a retinue of quality Kiwi bands. This would give visitors a genuinely Kiwi experience. Rather that than some plastic wrapped poor man's Singapore thing that McDully wants. Why are we so embarrassed about who we are. Do they really think that a fucking tent will make all the difference? Please!


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