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Friday, June 25, 2010

While you are handing out $4.8million to PEDA, I'll have a $100 000 thanks Bill

National ties denied by Budget recipient
The man at the centre of a political storm over funding for a Pacific employment scheme says there is no truth to rumours that he has National Party links.

A great man has been dragged into the street and shot like a dog ladies and gentlemen! Who am I speaking of? The great man, Efeso Collins who hosts Auckland's Radio 531 PI Saturday Show and he has been stood down and gagged from the Radio station for daring to question this shonky, shonky, shonky, shonky, shonky National Party uncontested $4.8million to a PI group with deep links to the PI sports stars John Key used to con the PI electorate in the last election.

Why has a great leader in his community and all round freedom fighter Efeso Collins been gagged and stood down? Well it just turns out that one of the Brothers involved in PEDA also just happens to run Radio 531 PI.

We don't have time to talk about $4.8million uncontested to a group the Government's own Ministry has warned against giving money because we have a mainstream media more interested in the petty spending habits of Chris Carter than real issues.

The spending of a couple of hundred dollars by a homosexual Minister on flowers for his gay partner IS MORE IMPORTANT than the uncontested handing out of $4.8million to a group who helped the Government gain votes from the PI electorate.

PS: Since Phil Goff is so intent on bashing Chris Carter for public effect, my thinking is that Carter's apology today should be total and that Chris stands down from all portfolio's robbing Goff of all the built up thunder he intends to unleash. One gets the feeling no matter what Chris says today Phil will still take that as 'not enough' and use it as another opportunity to appear tough and strip Carter of everything. Better for Chris to show the grace he has been so lacking in and add real contrition and focus just on his electorate by standing down from the lot, that will do more to rehabilitate Chris in the public's mind and denies Goff his whipping boy (seriously Labour, Chris has been a solid foot soldier for the Party, to turn on him so viciously when it's expedient isn't winning any friends within those Auckland liberal Labour voters who didn't bother to vote in 2008 and whom you desperately need to win back).

Is it possible for the Labour Party to focus back on the real issues at all? Rather than National holidays for the All Whites and bashing Chris Carter, how about the legislation being rammed under urgency through Parliament right now that allows the Police to form their own political party?


At 25/6/10 10:13 am, Anonymous Nikki P said...

Chris Carter's apology should be along the lines of -

I am sorry that I have been so defensive over this business. It's just that I felt that my integrity was being questioned and that is something that I hold very dear.

I have always tried to follow the rules and I realise now that this is where I went wrong : I was TOO conforming and didn't stop to question whether these rules were in fact appropriate. Having had time to think about things, I can see why the public would have concerns - the spending rules were simply too lax. I am really sorry that I didn't appreciate that earlier. All I can say is that I was too busy to give it much thought before - no excuse, but no shonkiness either.

At 25/6/10 10:20 am, Anonymous Nikki P said...

And as for the PEDA incident - you have to hope the Auditor General is investigating it. At the very least, there has been a breach of Govt procurement policy, which requires a tender or other competitive process before awarding this type of contract.


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