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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sweating the line calls

@2am - watching the tennis. Serena Williams is up against a no-name Bulgarian at Wimbledon, but she's struggling to get the better of her lowly ranked opponent. Not sure if this is live. Sense something awry...

Down 2% on Wall Street. Dow has fallen below 10,000 again. CNBC fueling the gloom: the all pervasive 'Euro debt worries' lead on TV, online there are many possible reasons provided via the headlines:
It's as if the Congress forcing Wall street to clean itself up is causing a lack of confidence in the markets.

@2:30am Sorry make that 2.5%
@2:31 Match point at Wimbledon. Game Miss Williams - she's hanging in there against this golden, lithe Bulgarian - Pirinkova.

Having a hell of a time deciding what to watch. Backwards, forwards, backwards. Pirinkova's cute little dance-jig she does as part of her service lead up? or the scrolling, red, blow-by-blow, real-time quantification of the collapse of global capitalism.

@2:35am Dow still tanking. America is a screaming fucking wreck.
I want to see it wreck in slo-mo.

But sorry, America.

I know you're hurting - trillions and trillions of hurt - and it would be really fascinating to watch, it would be ordinarily, but goddamn... that's a sexy little dance thing she's doing out there. If airliners were flying into whatever's left of the New York skyline I would probably still keep changing the channel back just to see that ("There you go - that's the shot - look: it's all the way down the East River. We've got at least 30 seconds before it hits anything, c'mon).

@2:39am: Pirinkova beats the World's No.2. Impressive, but Serena fell into a funk early on in the second set and couldn't shake it. Serves her right for all that bloody shrieking. It got her nowhere in the end - it's all an annoying tactic. Shut up and play tennis FFS.

@2:50 Her sister, Venus, is playing now and she's going to ace Li out of the tournament in a few minutes at this ferocious rate. That's on TVNZ 2.

@3am: On Fox: Sen. Orin Hatch quizzing a Obama's Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, on her past rulings. He's really just grandstanding: waving documents around and making long statements. All the time Kagan holds her poker face.

If this is what we are missing each night then it all starts to make sense as far as the news cycle goes. No wonder NZ news seems so parochial and boring - all the action internationally is already over by the time we're awake. The only breaking news all day is our own, Australia and to some extent Asia (which is mainly business-related non-news as far as TV goes anyway). It's all old news by the time we get it. Which is ironic given our time zone of half a day into the future.


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