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Thursday, June 24, 2010

More allegations of Police Nazi-tactics for stealing DNA

Police face new claims of intimidation over DNA
More allegations have emerged of the use of police intimidation to obtain voluntary DNA samples, involving a Pacific Island woman and a Pakeha high school student. Both people are considering a complaint with the Independent Police Conduct Authority. They follow statements this week from Maori Party MP Hone Harawira, who attacked police for allegedly targeting Maori youths for DNA profiling.

While this Government rams legislation through under urgency allowing the NZ Police to become a political party to run in local body elections breaching the clear division of Police and politics than any liberal democracy demands, MORE allegations of the Nazi-tactics the NZ Police have used to steal DNA from those who don't know their rights.

Why we are such a nation of sheep that so willingly give the NZ Police so much unchecked unbalanced power is utterly beyond me, especially since this Government came into power. National are not purposely creating a Police State (they don't have the imagination for that) but the consequences of all this unchecked, unbalanced power will lead us on the road towards a Police state.


At 24/6/10 9:12 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Errrr, some misguided people gave National the right to govern for a term, after that all bets were off and National are now doing what they damn well want.
Not even referendums supported by 87.6% of those participating seem to have any effect on them.
Question is are we going to be lead like lambs to the slaughter again and return them to power next time,,, then you can call us sheep, or damned fools.
If only there was a decent socialist alternitive.

At 24/6/10 9:15 am, Anonymous mike said...

I dont know what the answer is,but people are told what to be scared of everyday I dont think they can fit these issues inbetween drinking, all whites/black games/ facebook games / watching 'reality' shows.

Plus schooling appears to give us the view that experts will fix the problems for us.

At 24/6/10 1:32 pm, Blogger dave said...

And the supernatural/anti-science/fundy religion/mythologising world view replaces any critical/secular/scientific/rational world-view.
This cultural degeneration results from prolonged global crisis, US imperialism in decline and using its military to stave off collapse, and the the fear of mass revolution.
The Police state is the reflex action of the ruling class defending what is left of their corrupt and anarchic society in the name of civilisation against barbarism. All of this is captured brilliantly in the suicide note of Netanyahu's psychiatrist.
Anon there won't be a decent socialist alternative unless you don't fight for one yourself. First step is a real Labour Party that actually stands for 'labour' as the source of all wealth.

At 24/6/10 2:17 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

under the search and surveillance act
the police will soon have the power to detain you, plant audio and video equipment in your house or work with out you knowing, and without a search warrant, yes people warrantless searches, if you work with somebody they suspect of doing something, it could be somebody in your class at uni, it could be somebody you have the occasional drink with, just you have associating with them makes you a target, and by the way you will your right to silence if questioned by the police,even if you have done nothing wrong, just your associating will them, and if you refuse to talk you can go to jail for a year!!!!yes thats correct a year!!!!

At 24/6/10 2:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are these powers we want the police and seventy other government departs to have, image the corruption it will breed, could you imagine BRAD SHIPTON AND BOB SCHULLOM the two cops convicted of pack rape having these sorts of powers,

At 24/6/10 2:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what about the case up north of the undercover cop shot and killed by a air gun, his mate officer A, removed two bags from the crime scene, not much mention of that in mainstream media,tv1,tv3. What was in those bags??? a meth lab to set these guys up, now you imagine what sort of abuse,corruption will go on when the police and seventy other state departments have these authoritarian powers of the search and surveillance act.

At 24/6/10 6:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the police should be given more powers.
The power of telepathy, flight, invisibility and the ability to turn water in to wine.

Can DNA be planted at a crime scene &
is DNA irrefutable proof?
DNA could be used to extort if it is.

At 24/6/10 9:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



For all the latest info on the bill,
including the draft copy of the bill.


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