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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The last thing America needs is more bloody guns

Top US court extends gun owners' rights
WASHINGTON - The top US court, in a blow to gun control advocates, has ruled that Americans throughout the United States have the right to own a gun. The ruling by a narrowly divided Supreme Court said states and cities cannot bar Americans from owning firearms.

Those crazy bloody Americans, what a staggering ruling! How on earth does flooding America with guns make America safer? They just look at half a sentence with no context of the trained militia bit, just right to bear arms? WTF? Just such a crap ruling.


At 29/6/10 7:34 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

States and counties with gun control generally have much higher murder rates than those that don't.

Turns out, an armed populace is a polite one.

At 29/6/10 7:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why on earth do you get emotional, Bomber, about how American runs its own internal affairs. If they want to pass a law mandating that all adult men go fully armed with automatic rifles, and they shoot each other up- all power to them.

Obviously American likes to poke its nose in everyone elses business, but to poke our nose into their business in a way which would seem concerned for their welfare is just stupid.

Its like non-Americans getting steamed up about US health care reforms. Who cares? If they want to stuff themselves up they are welcome to.

America is not NZ. Not our concern. They could as well all go and kill each other as far as I'm concerned.

In fact I'm really enjoying the BP oil spill at the moment -- hope it carries on forever and totally fucks them up.

Just like I rejoice everytime one of their number gets their arms and legs blown off in a roadside bomb in Iraq, or stops a bullet in Afghanistan.

Really, anything stupid that the Americans do to hasten their own demise should be actively encouraged.

Just like if I saw Adolf Hitler about to commit suicide. I'd say 'go ahead buster'!

The demise of the US, afterall, will be a good thing for the rest of the world.

At 30/6/10 8:34 am, Anonymous travellerev said...


"In fact I'm really enjoying the BP oil spill at the moment -- hope it carries on forever and totally fucks them up."

I understand your antipathy against America. God knows I'd love to see the ruling elite over there cut down to size but let me educate you on the disaster that is the oil spill;

It is not just an American oil spill. This oil spill is already entering the Atlantic ocean and with time will reach the European coasts. If it gets in the southern slipstream it will in time reach New Zealand. While if it is just oil the effects will be fairly minimal because unrefined oil is, believe it or not, biodegradable but the toxic crap they use to dissolve the oil is not.

Already harvests are failing because of the rain carrying these solvents and these will also eventually reach new Zealand.

It's called an ecosystem Wayne. We do not live on another planet. We share our habitat with these idiots.

So I hope for you and all the other Kiwi's who seem to be oblivious to the fact that living on an Island far away from anywhere else does not mean being save from what is loosely termed an extinction event by some that they do find a way to close the hole at the bottom of the ocean.

I hold low hopes though because we are simply not equipped to deal with the pressures involved. (Both water pressure and the oil gusher pressure.

Captcha: geolog. bitter LOL


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