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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I'd rather live in a Democracy of 120 MPS than a Dictatorship of 99

Dumping MMP huge setback for ethnic diversity, expert warns
The MMP electoral system has seen a vibrant and exciting explosion of ethnic diversity in Parliament and to move away from it would only lead to a future referendum to bring it back, a select committee has heard. Victoria University political scientist Jon Johansson said yesterday he did not support the referendum into MMP because it had led New Zealand to a "far more representative democracy, which is something we should celebrate".

Dumping MMP helps straight white rich old men take power in this country, and I just don't think they need any more help than they currently get! MMP allows our diverse country to have better representation and that provides for a better democracy. The whinging old white man voice you get croaking on about how evil MMP is seems more a cultural backlash against being forced to share power with other cultures, genders, ages and sexual orientation. Remember, MMP has only been around for a decade, in the bad old days of First Past The Post, Parliament was a rich white straight old boys club and white men saw themselves as the essence of power, being forced to share that power has caused a cultural backlash by that group towards all the perceived evils of MMP.

We must make sure there is a $500 000 cap for spending as suggested (currently there is no cap at all) so that those old rich straight white males can't buy themselves an electoral system that cements their interests into political power the way the mining Industry has been able to cause with their coup in Australia.


At 26/6/10 9:30 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes bomber NZ was a dictatorship before MMP.

At 27/6/10 3:15 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would prefer the cap be much less, so that the landscape wouldn't be pointlessly blighted by political faces. Let's face it, most billboards aren't going to give enough policy detail. TV ads face a similar problem. If voters want to inform themselves about parties, they should go the website of each party or if they don't have internet visit their local MPs. Or MPs could give public talks, which would be far more revealing. Or to really level the playing field, a booklet with the key policies of each party could be distributed to all households. We do it for electing University Students' Associations in the Uni rag, yet somehow when it comes to electing our GOVERNMENT, people feel their own bias + a few billboards is enough to vote on. Pathetic.

At 5/6/11 10:17 pm, Blogger Mary said...

Is there anywhere wher you can get a T shirt with this message on it?


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