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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I agree with Paul Henry (I know, I'm shocked as well)

I never thought I would live to see the day where I agreed with Paul bloody Henry, but he is right, news at TVNZ and their dreadful 'celebration' of TV's 50 year history was shit...

Watch out TVNZ - the Breakfast big mouth strikes again
Straight-talking TV host Paul Henry has put his foot in it again, calling his employer's programmes "banal" and "unwatchable", and questioning the taste and intelligence of the TV-viewing public. Henry, who as presenter of TV One's Breakfast has delivered sniggering put-downs of targets including a hirsute Greenpeace spokeswoman and British singer Susan Boyle, said "banal" stories on TV One's news show Close Up and its TV3 rival Campbell Live end up being some of the "most-watched, the most commented-upon stuff" on television. "I sometimes see stuff and personally despair, and I think: is that current affairs? But it actually is."

I have blogged here about how awful the TVNZ 'celebration' was and have blogged here about how shocking it was that Rupert bloody Murdoch managed to do public broadcasting better than our very own public broadcaster with Prime's brilliant 50 year celebration of TV in NZ.

As for TVNZ's 50 year news show tonight, please, please, please don't tell me this won't just be a lazy compilation of 75 current affairs events that you will even more lazily have ranked based on nothing more academic than internet voters, please tell me it's not just that?


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