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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Goff's Daughter caught by Aussie Drug paranoia

Phil Goff's daughter busted for drugs
Labour leader Phil Goff last night confirmed his daughter had appeared in an Australian court after being caught with drugs in her bra – but escaped a criminal record.

Sara Goff, 25, had her case called earlier this year at Downing Centre Local Court after being nabbed with four Ecstasy tablets outside a New Year celebration. She did not front in person but instead entered a written guilty plea.

The Sunday Star-Times can reveal Sara Goff, an Agriculture and Fisheries Ministry policy analyst, was stopped as she entered the main entrance of the Fuzzy Field Days Festival dance party in north Sydney's domain at 2.22pm on January 1 by Senior Constable Matthew Pople.

"Police charged [Goff] with one count of possession of a prohibited drug after allegedly finding four tablets, suspected of being Ecstasy," New South Wales police spokeswoman Joanne Elliott confirmed.

Sara Goff told police during the search the dark-coloured pills stamped with the letters "CK" were Ecstasy. "She was taken to the police command post and cautioned." She was charged under New South Wales' Drug Misuse and Trafficking Act.

She was one of 83 people caught with illicit substances by a specialist police squad running a drug-dog operation at the dance party. Large quantities of Ecstasy, amphetamines, cocaine, GHB and cannabis were seized during the sting, a police statement said. Eleven were charged with supplying drugs.

As much as this Government are ramming through vast expansions of power to the Police, we are not as bad as Australia yet. In their overblown response to the war on terror, cops were allowed to use sniffer dogs (originally to sniff bombs, then expanded to sniff drugs) to sniff anyone in public and so now at every rave these fascists get to sniff you for drugs. Oh and what a danger E is, there is more chance of you having an allergic reaction to panadol than dying from E, how many people have over dosed in NZ on E? I think we've had less than 5 deaths in NZ in almost two decades?

Perhaps before Phil blindly greenlights pointless expansions of police power (did Labour even vote against allowing the Police to create their own political party rammed through under urgency this week?), he should consider those caught, like his own Daughter, by these unnecessary expansions of power.

And while we are talking about the war on drugs crap, how about strip searching teenagers for drugs huh?

Report slams drug testing
A high school that forced students to strip to their underwear while they underwent drug tests has promised to adopt new disciplinary procedures. Investigators have found that Rotorua Boys' High may have infringed the Bill of Rights by conducting the draconian drug testing on pupils. But after conducting his own inquiry, the school's statutory manager Dennis Finn is refusing to apologise to parents. He said "letters of explanation" would be sent out instead. Finn had confidence in principal Chris Grinter and deputy principal Fred Whata after investigating the allegations. In February, the Herald on Sunday revealed that former student Chris Reid said he had been told to strip to his underwear and drink 15 cups of water over 90 minutes so he could urinate into a cup.

PS - Isn't the racker of muck, Johnathan Marshall, being given way too much room to destroy the Sunday Star Times with his gutter journalism? A 6month old grubby story that didn't result in a conviction isn't headline news.

That's pretty ugly Sunday Star Times, Brian Edwards with the moneyshot

Gutter Journalism from the Sunday Star Times
And to add insult to injury, it ends with this:
‘News of his daughter’s arrest has come at an unwelcome time for Phil Goff… Polls have had him lagging way behind National’s John Key.’


At 27/6/10 11:56 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

he should consider those caught, like his own Daughter, by these unnecessary expansions of power.

But she has never ever ever consumed drugs in her life bomber, according to Phil.

She just likes how they feel in her bra.

At 27/6/10 6:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm not being naive as a father, I know she has not taken drugs apart from the legal drug of alcohol." - Phil Goff

What?? She was planning on smuggling the Es in then flushing them down the toilet? Of course she has taken drugs and probably does fairly regularly. Phil is in a position where he can potentially make changes to help good citizens like his own daughter but is selling out for a share of the conservative vote.

Or he really is as clueless as he looks.

At 27/6/10 8:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Time to learn how to goosestep and salute the flag.

That is where we are being hearded like the sheep we are,.


At 28/6/10 8:17 pm, Anonymous ThE LiSp said...

Oh no drugs are bad

she wasnt in NZ and who the hell really gives a shit

MSm in this country are sellouts to smile and wave.

bunch of fucking dicks

At 29/6/10 10:20 am, Anonymous Sam said...

E is safer than alcohol so it's fine


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