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Monday, June 28, 2010

Garner on Garner

The allegation that Duncan Garner said to Chris Carter "I am going to fucking get you, Carter. If it takes me to Christmas I am going to fucking destroy you." seems to be nothing more than an urban myth. Garner has come out on Brian Edwards blog and he has stated he never said any such thing and unless Bazely is going to say otherwise, that is where the issue ends...


I ’swear’ I did not say to Chris; “I am going to fucking get you, if it takes me to Christmas I am going to destroy you.”

And I certainly did not touch Carter - that’s not my style. If I touched Carter why doesn’t he lay an assault charge? Because it simply did not happen.

Brian you have taken the Carter version and you have taken it hook line and sinker. It is wrong. Simple.

As I have always said there was an exchange. I was first to talk about it. Carter never said anything about it for months.

It’s Carter who is now running to you almost a year later still trying to make excuses for his behaviour.

As I have said Darren Hughes was there - he saw it - he may wish to put his version on the website. But I totally refute and reject your version.

Happy to debate the facts Brian - not the hysteria and hype.

Duncan Garner post on Brian's blog

...and Harman is 1000% behind Duncan's Flamboyant Flaming Homosexual pinko flys to Europe on your taxpayer money (probably to spend it all on expensive cocktails and lube) style

I have the privelege of producing Duncan on “the Nation”. I have questioned him about your allegations. I am satisfied they are substantially wrong. I thought his reportage of Chris Carter’s indulgent travel was excellent. I can testify that both Duncan and “The Nation” continue to have excellent relations with the Labour caucus. I think Duncan did journalism proud with his journalistic pursuit of Mr Carter. However I would not expect Duncan to get any credit on this blog which seems to have a vendetta against him — and any programme he is associated with.

And there the issue ends. Apparently Duncan Garner is the new Edward R Murrow.

UPDATE: Nice to see Tumeke was the first blog on this issue as it still rumbles along in the media world, with slightly different wording now emerging -

Media pair slug it out over Carter affair
Two media heavyweights are slugging it out on the internet over claims of vendettas against politicians and bias


At 28/6/10 2:44 pm, Blogger pollywog said...

Given Carters predilection for flights of fancy, i'd say Garner is more in the mould of Rita Skeeter?


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