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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The credibility of National rests on Key's smile and wave

NZers like John Key, he has an amazing rags to riches story. From State home to Merchant Banker who made his millions betting against NZ, he is the father figure to a solo mother nation. His vacant aspiration seems at times medicated making his multi-millionaire optimism eery and when that eeriness overwhelms the moment he offers up his spin dr induced mantra "I'm being self deprecating".

Vacant aspiration however drives a lot of middle class and working class dreams that one day you too can be rich enough to join the Sam Morgan club and not pay tax, there fore we put our trust in John the Free Market Banker Baptist.

This trust starts to turn once the dream is interrupted by the cold hard light of reality kicking it repeatedly in the face with it's heavy boot of global economic recession. To date John has promised punters will be better off from his mass transfer of wealth focused on the top 2% of society, and mostly the biased brainfart corporate news polls suggest the public have believed him. Currently John Key is so popular, he could eat a kitten live on TV and the public would still blame the kitten for being delicious.

The reality however of a GST increase with the soaring power bill costs while public services are slashed will evaporate public good will faster than an Australian corporate mining coup.

If reality proves Optimist Prime wrong, he'll look like an out of touch space cadet floating around while people are hurting. This makes the spin required to sell privatisation as a social good much more difficult as the trust credit card of the voter will get maxed out.


At 30/6/10 3:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

BUt whether you like him or not, his answer to rising power bills (if it happens) is that it woudl have been a lot worse under Labour and even worse under the Greens who want to ban cars. How is Labour goign to respond - say that power would be cheaper? Say they are going to reverse GST increases?

At 30/6/10 6:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mate, The electorate only sees him relative to the alternative:
The ball-less Phil Goff, Helen's bitch Chris Carter, and of course Winston Peters. Russels made a twat of himself. So go figure.

At 30/6/10 6:21 pm, Blogger Chris said...

National, Labour, Greens it doesn't matter. These parties are only there to give an illusion of choice to the sheeple. Whoever New Zealand votes for is really just the front man for the corporatocracy. John Key's charm is just a trick, like Obama's charm, to give people a false sense of positivity.

At 30/6/10 7:36 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

If Key has any sense he'll scrap the ETS after a month and purge the Nats of its enviro-lunatic wing.

I doubt he has the stones, though.

At 30/6/10 8:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"the Greens who want to ban cars"
we won't ban cars.
They will ban themselves by their own unsustanability as cheap oil becomes harder to find.

You can wallow in that egyptian river ( deial) as much as you like, but peak oil is real and now upon us.

It is the cause of our wars, recessions and now our deepwater oil drilling madness and disaters like the one in the Gulf of Mexico. It is also the unspoken reason why Israel and the USA will attack and possibly invade Iran.

It is time to take the red pill.

Kiwi M

At 30/6/10 8:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have heard our "dear leader" likened to Thaksin Shinawatra by a friend who is very well versed in Thai politics.

Kiwi M

At 30/6/10 11:32 pm, Anonymous Johnson said...

"It is the cause of our wars, recessions and now our deepwater oil drilling madness"

US regulations force drilling in deep water by disallowing them on the surface or on the continental shelf. The delicious irony of this being that if the spill was taking place in either of those places, it would be plugged by now.

I love having facts. They prevent enviro-fuckwits from Chernobylising oil drilling.

At 1/7/10 4:34 pm, Blogger Chris said...

"peak oil is real" Do you know anybody in the oil business? Because if you did they would tell you that peak oil is a myth. The Club of Rome instigated this bullshit back in the 70's as an excuse to constantly increase oil prices and, more recently, to promote the Carbon Tax which almost directly funds the New World Order.

If you read Memoirs by David Rockefeller he spells all this out very clearly. And he's quite a reliable source considering he controls the Oil Companies, the Banks, the Military Industrial Complex etc.

I do agree with you about invading Iran (also mentioned as part of the global agenda in Memoirs). Full scale war will be breaking out the Middle East, if not within days, then in only a few weeks. This will be one of the factors that triggers World War 3 (also mentioned in Memoirs)

At 1/7/10 9:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

in the course of my looking into this I have encountered the words of those who have had experience in the oil industry and are saying what they know. M K Hubbert was the first of those and accurately when US Domestic prioduction would peak [1970] This is why america was hit by the oil shocks of 73 and 79. ETS/carbon tax is the equivelant of the medieval churc selling indulgences. Climate change is another matter again but interrelated also.

One book I recommend is the Last Oil Shock by David Strahan. He spent 5 years reserching within and without the industry.

I ' glad someoneelse can see the wood for the trees [the imminent invasion of Iran. C hrist knows where that fucked up madnes will lead us.

peace and best regards

Kiwi M

At 1/7/10 9:59 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

johnson, calling me an enviro-fuckwit doesn't make you arguement valid.
try again

The cheap shallow oil is gone hence wanting to drill all over Alaska and the middle east.

"I have a suggestion to keep
you all ocupied: Learn to swim!"
- AEnima [google it if you don't know]

At 2/7/10 3:27 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That song isn't about environmentalism, you should make sure te song is actually relevant to the discussion if you are going to quote lyrics at us like a squawking 14 year old.

At 2/7/10 10:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The song is about dumb people in denial so as far as I'm concerned it fits!
As for 14 year olds, what were you doing at 14? certainly not trying to stop nuke warships! I was, and I don't hide in the shadows anonymous whoever you are.. so I'll qoute who I fucking like.

Kiwi M

At 3/7/10 9:32 am, Anonymous Kiwi B said...

You may as well have quoted 'rock around the clock' if you aren't going to bother with something that has anythings to do with the subject.

Or as my mate james once said: "Before you point the finger, you should know that I'm the man"

I'm sure you were trying to stop warships when you were 14, how very heroic of you. Did you manage to stop any?
By the way, I was trying to stop genocide in the Balkans when I was 14. Looks like it has stopped now too, so I guess that's a victory me.

Oh, and by the way, unless you actual name is "kiwi m", then you are just as much in the shadows as the rest of us anons, you TOOL!

At 3/7/10 11:35 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was trying to stop genocide in the Balkans when I was 14
-how? because nasty Yugoslavia wouldn't play milton friedmans' free market capitalist game? what were you some Boi soldier?

- did I stop any? what country are you in/from? If you were a kiwi as you claim you would know what happened in 1986?
as for who I Am I'm as real as any1 else here. Who are you? Adolfs' boy soldier? Clintons' hitman? You could be anyone anywhere. KIwiB yeah right!


At 4/7/10 10:35 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kiwi B
I've got better things to do than tangle off topic with some national party [or whatever] shill

Kiwi M


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