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Monday, June 28, 2010

Brown: Jesus wept

Carolyne Meng-Yee in the Herald on Sunday has done a masterly job at kicking Len Brown's political fortunes right in the balls. With steel caps.

We are talking Joe Pesci type violence here - and not nicey, nicey Sesame Street violence.
We're talking real street violence:
After reading this how can the man be anything other than toast? Burnt toast. Yesterday's toast. I will update the odds soon.

Meng-Yee paints him as a shifty, psychologically unstable dolt. Her method - pejorative phrasing, selective quoting and a relentless focus on negatives - is a superb example of her art. Turning a nice chat around the family table into: De Niro type violence.

Anger isn't going to quell this storm. Even if it isn't Watergate he's being as evasive as Nixon and it's a bad look, one that Meng-Yee exploits without mercy:

And he has utterly refused to identify who he and mayoress Shan Inglis hosted at their table for an $810 fundraiser dinner at Volare restaurant in Manurewa.
Inglis supported his secrecy around his guests at the dinner. "I can say, it was a business function. There was nothing personal about the dinner. There were no family members there at all - none."

None - except her. Begging the question: why is your wife at a business function so secret that commercial sensitivity is being invoked to protect the identities of those present? He has opened it up to the public thinking the worst.

Brown added: "I'm under extraordinary scrutiny and maybe Jesus Christ was the only one to withstand that and come out completely pure."

Comparing himself to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is - to be generous - clumsy.

He's playing his political hand like an ingénue against the most formidable and experienced nemesis the Left could ever contemplate. If the trajectory continues, and if he gives more suicidal interviews like this, his vote will collapse in favour of a competent "non-political" third candidate when they enter the race as a fresh face much later in the campaign.
WTF!? Clumsy is an understatement.


At 28/6/10 11:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...


And this is Labour's finest? Speaks volumes about how bad Labour are - the left should not have allowed Labour to pre-empt everyone and put Len up as mayoral contender (ie it should have been made clear that a real leftie candidate would be put up if Labour didn't follow a democratic pan-left selection process).

Lordy, just heard on National Radio that Stephen Tindall (of Warehouse infamy) is privately polling and looking to stand for mayor - the capitalists are openly trying to run Auckland region.

Tho, these numpties all seem to think that being mayor makes them God (in Len's case, literally). Can anyone spell Dick Hubbard Mk2? Mayoral candidates take note - unless you also win a majority of councillors, you cannot implement anything you promise, and will be reduced to lame duck hand wringing as your opponents (with an actual voting majority) ram thru their policies.

This is the best ad for having all mayors elected by a majority of councillors we could possibly get. Ditch the ego-tripping loonies and wannabe fascists (my mayoral vote trumps 20 councillor votes, right?) and get someone with the support of the majority. eg Mike Lee elected by majority of ARC councillors as ARC chair.

At 28/6/10 9:43 pm, Anonymous mickysavage said...

Oh dear

When you think that you are on the far left your apparent job is to condemn those not as left as you.

By all means trash Len because he bought a stereo and then paid it back and got emotional. Far better that we have a mayor who will sell off water and everything else to the corporates than elect a middle of the road progressive.

But at least you will be purer than anyone else.



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