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Thursday, June 24, 2010

The art of a lying drunk cop

Drunk officer shadow-boxing, court hears
Bracing himself for an attack, a drunk off-duty police officer crouched in a fighting stance in front of a bunch of students before shadow-boxing his way into a corner, a court heard. Yesterday at a defended hearing in the Auckland District Court, former Auckland city constable Patrick Garty, 32, took the stand and claimed he acted in self defence after following a group of "disorderly" students into a city apartment block on St Patrick's Day last year.

This is the news story that just keeps giving, drunk off duty cops beating the shit out of a Detectives son (and let's be clear, the only reason these drunk off duty cops are getting prosecuted is because they were DUMB enough to beat up a Detectives Son). I love the lies that this drunk off duty cop is giving the court, such glorious lies.

The drunk off duty cop didn't in fact force his way into an Apartment foyer to bash the shit out of these kids, oh no, he was in the foyer crouched in a 'fighting stance' to shadow box his way out of the apartment foyer he had broken into. Who the fuck believes this shit? How can they LIE so outrageously? Why did the cop break into the apartment foyer to 'shadow box his way out'?

What's more believable? Drunk off duty cop decides to lash out and beat younger, weaker teenagers up based on his arrogant belief that he can get away with bashing anyone he likes or the poor liddle brave off duty Police Officer who was tricked into breaking into an apartment foyer and he had to 'shadow box' his way out past these dangerous and murderous teenagers in self defense?

While this Government continue to pass legislation making NZ a proto-Police State (can you believe they are ramming law allowing the Police to form their own Political Party through under urgency? Disgusting!), this case should be a wake up call as to the kind of people we are empowering with all these unchecked, unbalanced police powers.


At 24/6/10 10:09 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He said she said argument between two groups of drunk males.

Nice to see you side with the superiors bomber.

Do you curtsey when you talk to detectives too?

At 24/6/10 1:55 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

GRIN - not at all Anon, I just love the public able to see the lies cops pull when defending their right to bash the living crap out of people. I very much love that you try and cast this as a 'class issue' I find that arousing, but the real moneyshot is watching cops sweat it out after bashing the shit out of a detectives son, that's gold, come on Anon, can't ya feel it?

Don't we all WISH there were photos of the faces of these drunk off duty cops when they found out they had beaten up a detectives son? They would have thought they had gotten away with bashing him up (after all he was just some dumb member of the public stupid enough to talk back to them while they were drunk) but to find out they had bashed a D's son, oh I would pay money for that photo and set it up as a work of art.


BTW - If you don't like my comments here on this blog PLEASE don't watch my last 2 episodes of the War on News as I've hilariously gone to town on the cops over this case.

Thank you so much for your comment anon.

At 24/6/10 5:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thank fuck its your last two! shite "programme" if you can call it that

At 24/6/10 5:29 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

No, no silly anon. Last as in past two episodes. The show goes from strength to the strength!

Some great new news on that front coming soon as well. Thanks for asking.

At 24/6/10 6:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

both cops found guilty by Judge Heather Simpson

At 24/6/10 7:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber ur worth your weight in gold!!!

At 24/6/10 9:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



A copy of the proposed bill, plus the latest info

At 25/6/10 7:21 am, Anonymous Marc said...

Anon is probably a piggy trying to find some love, bomber your the shit!


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