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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The 14 apostles

NZ Herald reporting on a petition of hand-wringing/Christian wowsers:

One of the highest-powered delegations ever to petition Parliament plans to speak out at the Beehive tomorrow [...] in a call to raise the drinking age, raise alcohol prices and implement other recommendations from a recent Law Commission report.

They also want MPs to abandon their traditional "conscience vote" on liquor issues so the Law Commission's proposals can be implemented as a consistent package.

Sir Paul Reeves, the former Governor-General who convened the group, said the 14 members shared general public concerns about New Zealand's binge-drinking culture.

Who do these people think they are?

Paul Reeve's last great achievement was a fatally flawed racial constitution for Fiji, Cartwright signed the detested Foreshore & Seabed confiscation into law without reading it while she was on holiday; and the majority of these so-called "icons" are nothing more than cultists and people who play sports. They have as much credibility on alcohol policy as any other person, so why would the MPs listen to the over-reactions of people setting themselves up as moral guardians? Because they are famous?

Stripping away rights from 18 and 19 year olds based on paranoia and media hype - those in favour:

* Sir Paul Reeves, former Governor-General (convenor).
* Dame Silvia Cartwright, former Governor-General.
* Archbishop John Dew, Catholic primate.
* Professor Sir Mason Durie, Maori health expert.
* Georgina Earl (Evers-Swindell), rowing gold medallist.
* Jeanette Fitzsimons, former Green Party co-leader.
* Sir Lloyd Geering, theologian.
* Dame Te Muranga Batley-Jackson, Manukau Urban Maori Authority founder.
* Michael Jones, ex-All Black.
* Dr Semisi Maia'i, Pacific Medical Association co-founder.
* Caroline Meyer (Evers-Swindell), rowing gold medallist.
* Archbishop David Moxon, Anglican leader.
* Inga Tuigamala, ex-All Black.
* Archbishop Brown Turei, Anglican leader.


At 29/6/10 2:43 pm, Blogger Rangi said...

More retards looking to fix the symptoms and not the cause.

If they were really serious about fixing our booze culture they would lobby to ban stupid chick / under 16 drinks (you know the ones), alcohol advertising (no more Tui billboards sniff sniff) and stop smoking Big Booze's dong.

Too bad that thanks to people like Peter "Anonymous Benefactor" Dunhill, none of this will ever happen.

At 29/6/10 9:05 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Benny says you won't get me lining myself up in the youth wings of the governing parties to sidestep the role of providing actual opposition and enter into rule by consensus.

At 29/6/10 11:42 pm, Blogger Chris said...

Does the government really want to stop the drinking culture? Or do they just want to pretend to care while they keep milking the taxes off a poison?

The people at the top of the pyramid don't want the people at the bottom to stop drinking, or to stop smoking, or to stop doing drugs. People who are free from addictions are free to make choices about their own lives. The only power the government has is to make choices for people who can't think for themselves, so having a smart informed population is a threat to the power-hungry.

I'm not trying to say that alcohol is bad, or good. All I'm suggesting is that it's another time wasting distraction that stops people from wondering what the fuck is really going on in the world.

At 1/7/10 3:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"...a petition of hand-wringing/Christian wowsers" and "cultists" eh, Tim? Do you and Bradbury take it in turns to do your anti-Christian posts, or is it just coincidence?

These 'celebrity' critics of govt's failed liquor policy have every right (and no more than you or I) to lobby Parliament. It's called democracy - and it's even allowed for Christians - get over it.

Though how you classify Jeannette Fitzsimons or June Jackson as fundy Christians makes my mind boggle. Do you see Pat Robertson and a full gospel choir under the bed too?


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