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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Minister breaches privacy over breaching privacy

Minister asked to pay $15,000 to solo mum
Social Development Minister Paula Bennett has been asked to pay out $15,000 to a mum whose welfare information she made public. Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff's office wrote to her last week suggesting the settlement, the New Zealand Herald reported. The solo mother made the complaint to the office after Ms Bennett released her details after she complained about cuts to her Training Incentive Allowance. Ms Bennett told the newspaper the money sought was for "hurt and humiliation" and she would not pay it.

She is unbelievable isn't she? Bennett lied about gaining advice from the Privacy Commissioners website that Tarsha Fuller had implied consent to allow Bennett to breach her privacy because there is no implied consent advice on the Privacy Commissioners website, AND THEN Bennett breaches privacy ONCE AGAIN to reveal to the media what the negotiated settlement offers between Tarsha Fuller and the Government are - all to continue playing the 'solo mums are greedy bludgers' line.

The Human Rights Commission AND the NZ lsw society have come out against Paula's policy to force the sick and solo mothers back to work, as has the Attorney General, yet how Paula is breaching the privacy of a solo mother AGAIN is more interesting as a news story!

I hope the punishment handed out to Bennett when she is found to have breached privacy is larger than the tiny amount Miss Fuller is asking for.


At 27/5/10 1:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

its funny how we as mothers can pay a nanny to come watch our kids or likewise a childcare pay out what we earn working, we can pay a house keeper to clean our homes and they are all classified as worthy jobs but you are not classified as working doing those same jobs if you are a stay at home mum.

At 28/5/10 12:01 am, Anonymous Deano said...

You suggesting someone should pay people to stay at home? Any idea where the money would come from?

At 28/5/10 9:01 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is the difference with paying a childcare or a nanny the cost of that is almost or past what the government is paying a mother to stay at home and look after her own kids, it is not a mothers choice to be a stay at home mum a lot of the time the father bails on her because he cant handle his kids daily.

At 28/5/10 10:14 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i actually worded that wrong the government is currently paying for childcare for up to so many hours per week. It is hard for solo parents it is also hard for a mother with a partner earning no one wants to hire a mum cause we need too much time off with sick kids etc and not too many jobs around that fit in with school hours, i pay is also bottom dollar and most likely does not cover kids childcare and oscar programmes


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