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Monday, May 31, 2010

Let's all agree that Paula Bennett AND John Key pay, not the taxpayer

PM backs Bennett on solo mum's payout bid
Prime Minister John Key has backed Social Development Minister Paula Bennett's decision to reveal a request for $15,000 from a solo mother who has a taken privacy complaint against her. Ms Bennett also defended her decision to make public the request from Natasha Fuller, saying she had told Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff she wanted the complaints process to be as open as possible. Ms Bennett revealed on Wednesday that Ms Shroff had last week passed on a request from Ms Fuller for $15,000 to settle the complaint.

Oh, so John Key has no problem with his repeat offending Social Development Minister breaching privacy once again? Excellent - John Key is also now paying!

The facts are folks, that Paula Bennett, is a repeat offender.

Now the entire joke about 3 strikes (Which homophobic and drunk TV commentator David Garrett claims will miraculously cut the crime rate anywhere between 10%-20%) is that repeat offenders need extra punishment and this will somehow work. While throwing NZers into prison for longer and longer will work for the private prison industry (who may or may not secretly fund the Sensible Sentencing Lynch Mob), I would like to see a working example, and who better to be that working example than Paula Bennett? She is now a repeat offender and so the punishment must now be higher right? Forget the $15 000, it's gotta be about $45 000 now doesn't it?

Whatever the amount, and where ever we are on the political spectrum, let us all be clear - the taxpayer SHOULD NOT BE FORCED TO PAY THIS AMOUNT! Paula Bennett breached the Cabinet Manual rules, breached the Privacy Act and lied about where she said she gained the authority to release the details of Solo Mothers who dared complain about an allowance Paula Bennett herself had used. How much did Paula get for her allowance? Well hypocritically Paula won't release her personal details in the manner she did with the solo mothers who dared question her.

Now John Key has backed his idiot Minister, he's up for it as well, Paula and John can split the costs, because folks, they are paying, oh Lord are they paying, and THEY should pay - NOT the taxpayer.


At 31/5/10 9:54 am, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

Garrett's claim was that the violent crime rate would drop by that much, not the crime rate.

At 31/5/10 12:53 pm, Anonymous Carlos Ropehana said...

Heres my prediction: in the coming months Paula will trot out a whole bunch of benefit and welfare reforms which the right-wing bene-bashers will love. Then before the next election National'll drop her with a golden handshake, blame her for the reforms but keep them, and try to get back the leftie votes.
As for her BREAKING THE LAW and the King of New Zealand supporting her, well that is just disgusting to me.

At 31/5/10 1:55 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a 'request' Bomber not a court order.

DO you understand the distinction?

Given that you majored in english you are a disgrace.



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