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Monday, May 24, 2010

Blog Awards

Many bloggers - and other observers - have been appalled over the years at the declining credibility of the Aussie airline-sponsored corporate shin-dig that supposedly represents the pinnacle of journalistic achievement in this country. It is a back-slapping black tie do in which the mainly foreign-owned press divvy up the gongs amongst their own limited group of employees and even smaller group of publications. The blog category has been the biggest joke of the lot and probably serves as the best indication of what a sham the Qantas awards are. The three Finalists (if you bother searching for them) are underwhelming in the extreme and their nominations are actually an insult to the blogging community. We have had quite enough of this contempt.

The Air New Zealand Best Blog Award** is the result.

Myself and Mr Bradbury have accepted positions as judges on the panel along with Messrs Ricardo Simich, Matthew Hooton and Regan Cunliffe. As an effort to secure a genuine cross-section of taste and political opinion the organisers should be happy with that panel - and I hope the bloggers and the public are too.

Important Dates:

Entries close on 1st of June 2010 and because we always come ahead of Qantas and the old media, the winner will be announced on Thursday 10th of June 2010.

** And yeah Rob Fyfe didn't really say that and Air New Zealand are not really sponsoring the award but creative license has never stopped old media making shit up either.


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At 24/5/10 4:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 24/5/10 5:11 pm, Blogger Tim Selwyn said...

Stop mixing your tablets, Christian. Stop writing like you are the editor of a communist newspaper FFS. FFS!

At 24/5/10 7:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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