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Saturday, May 01, 2010

50 000 marchers! That's what I'm talkin' bout NZ!

Huge protest says no to mining on conservation land
An estimated 50,000 marchers joined one of the biggest protests in Auckland for decades today, to give the Government a firm message to stay away from mining on conservation land.

After LYING about the valuation (using mining lobbyist guesses), after LYING about the area of land effected (it wasn't a couple of postcards on Eden Park it was over 100) and after inflating the return we will expect (it's only 1%) many NZers are disgusted by this Governments determination to mine in schedule 4 conservation land which will ruin our 100% clean green brand on a planet that increasingly values what we have.

Did the National Party take mining industry money? Is that why they are ramming this through because National TOLD the mining industry of their mining of National Parks intentions in 2006 but didn't the electorate in 2008.

What is driving this short term, ill thought out mining policy? Because the so called economic benefit evaporates once examined.


At 1/5/10 7:18 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd go with about 30,000 marchers.
Not insignificant but no as large as organisers portray.

At 1/5/10 8:06 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correct the organisers lied about the numbers. Much like the left lies about everything

Bomber wants us to be poor.

At 1/5/10 8:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought it was the media that said 50,000, not the organisers.


At 1/5/10 10:16 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bomber wants us to be poor."

Um no he wants rich people to be poor. Socialist envy eh.

At 2/5/10 9:59 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

media said 20,000 then 20-40000, then last night 50000 people. ofcourse you'd take the largest figure. won't change a thing.

At 2/5/10 10:55 am, Anonymous travellerev said...

Even 20.000 is about ten times more than the pathetic anti Nazi Helen Clark demo the right could muster. Mr. Anonymus (the whole lot of ya)

At 2/5/10 3:22 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday afternoon, the Herald reported an estimated 50,000 marchers joined one of the biggest protests in Auckland for decades today, to give the Government a firm message to stay away from mining on conservation land.
Police, however, said the number of protesters was closer to 20,000although no arrests were made.
This morning, the Herald on Sunday reports up to 40,000 protesters voiced their anger at Government plans to mine protected land in the biggest demonstration in New Zealand for the past 20 years.

Goodness! The number of anti-mining protesters dropped by 10,000or 20% overnight, and at the whim of a few keystrokes. Maybe the Police had it right in the first instance; after all, the Greens aren't exactly known for their conservatism in such things are they?
And to put things in context, 95,356 people voted for New Zealand First in the 2008 General Election. Doubtful that John Key will lose any sleep tonight

At 2/5/10 7:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

37,306 people want Georgie Pie brought back too.

20, 40 or 50,000 it doesn't matter, this march won't change shit - just the usual grab-bag of people who will protest at litterally anything with a few extra, well meaning hangers-on than normal (sunny saturday morning helps).

Hell even destiny church can muster up 5000 for a march.

At 2/5/10 11:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignorance is no excuse and arrogance is repugnant you should all find something better to do with your time. I was on the march and the government will listen because average kiwi's have had enough. Change is coming one way or the other. 1% is not only illogical it's ridiculous and if you think that will improve our economy then you are shortsited, we get left with the clean up after the foreign miners leave with the gold, cash and coal. If we made enought to cover health, education, housing and transport then I might reconsider but it just does not stack up, you're a fool if you think it's a good deal! If your do right you muster even 20,000 for it!

At 3/5/10 7:15 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Amen anon 2/5/10 11:09. I love how quick the right wing anonotrolls were franticly trying to downplay the importance of this march, it's like the right wing anonotrolls have believed the bullshit put out by those brainfart polls that the mainstream media claim show the majority of NZ want to kiss John Key's arse, well guess again - this weekend we saw 50 000 - the largest protest for a generation to say we will not let you and your mates defile the country for cheap gain that will only benefit over seas mining companies.

National have LIED about the mineral valuation using a mining lobbyists guess(I love how the anonotrolls always avoid that), National have LIED about the amount of land that will be used with a flawed Eden Park metaphor (I love how the anonotrolls always avoid that) and National have lied about the real return NZers will see from mining, only 1% (I love how the anonotrolls always avoid that).

Change is coming, but it ain't from National...

At 3/5/10 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I very much doubt the pro-mining lobby could muster 50,000 for a march.

They could probably barely get 50.


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