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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


"New Zealand" trending in the Twitter top 10.Please let it not be for anything embarrassing.
Nothing really as we go down the list, and then: Bieber - that's trending at number 3...
I'm guessing that tweet alone is the reason NZ is in the top 10. FFS. Before yesterday I did not even know this young girl guy existed - today her his tweenage fanatics are giving NZ more of a boost in the international consciousness than the Prime Minister ever could on a hundred appearances on American late night TV shows.


At 28/4/10 8:50 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!
I never heard or this bloke either. Thought he was some chick until he checked his music out. FAAARRKIN awful! Real soppy gurly wanky preteen stuff. His balls ain't dropped either by the sounds of what I heard.
Reckon hes gay myself. All that makeup and the designer hairdo!
Right o! Had my rant. Off to build me a fence down in the back paddock.

At 28/4/10 12:03 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a fairycake!
According to the news, some teenybopper nicked his hat and another bowled his "mama" over!
Fancy having your "mama" to accompany you. She does his washing is presume...

At 28/4/10 5:56 pm, Anonymous Tim200 said...

Sorry Tim - it IS for something embarassing. Give it a couple of years and those tweenagers will be disavowing any knowledge of the pathetic little munter's existence as well.
Sad thing is that the very same phenomenon that sees this lame spectacle emerge, is the same one that saw an election result in NZ 2008.
Permission to wet myself sir!


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