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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Questions, answers.

Today's ministerial questions.

After Goff's position speech on Auckland yesterday he gets to put it straight to the PM across the House. Key is not a happy chappy, he turns sideways to avoid having to look at Goff.

Key has to defend the undemocratic and unaccountable set-up that forces beyond his control have prepared for Auckland local government. It is uncomfortable because it is indefensible. The only way to defend oneself in this predicament is to attack - attack and attempt to ridicule the person asking the question. It's all Key is left with and it was a weak display.

Goff is comfortable in this parliamentary mode - arguably where he performs best - and he is in the sweet spot when Auckland becomes a more salient issue. This will start later this week when the anti-Uber Stadt campaign begins. Goff is waiting to ride at the crest of a populist wave of resentment about Auckland's forced marriage. At this stage it doesn't look like the government has any answers, just legislative momentum enough to get the paperwork out of the way... in time for a collective backlash from voters wanting to punish anyone connected with Rodney Hide.



At 27/4/10 6:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Switched on Gardener Raided ?

Tue, 04/27/2010 - 16:20 — moo
Right ahead of J-Day, and just before the submissions due on the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, a large police operation targeting suppliers of gardening equipment has been undertaken, rumor has it, this is the Switched on Gardener:

If anything, this only further provides evidence that legislation providing for responsible personal use, of a herb needs to be considered, which... sounds crazy I know...

If you are tired of this ridiculous law, which only persecutes people for exercising their right to travel within their own consciousness, prohibits spiritual or religious freedoms, ruins careers and travel opportunities by labeling them criminals, and locking them in a cage...

All the while, the person actually using the herb, has no victims, and have hurt no one. And we live in 2010...

The law causes more harm than the herb itself...

Prohibiting people from engaging in business for growing a herb, or gardening equipment, and creating an enormous amount of hurdles just to grow industrial hemp, is quite frankly bizarre, this law is a violation of basic human rights.

At 27/4/10 7:01 pm, Anonymous Kerry said...

Ive noticed that with Key he very rarely plays the issue......he is rude and has a go at the person, and doesnt ever answer the questions......

Just think we once a competent, educated, decent PM who understood she was the PM of a country......not a frat boy!

At 28/4/10 2:40 pm, Anonymous Puffer said...

Whilst a heavy user in days gone by I now tend to leave it alone as the hangover (a sort of PMT effect)is too debilitating. This and a lot of experience makes me believe that cannabis is a very dangerous substance, much like but not quite as dangerous as paracetamol (20 tablets in one dose is potentially fatal). This is the best reason in the world to decriminalize it. First, it would allow open and honest discussion in schools about its impact on young brains and its potential to release serious paranoia demons in the heads of those ill equipped to deal with them.
Secondly, it would vastly reduce the market value as those who like the occasional puff could grow their own. This would decimate the income of various illegal institutions and help break a connection that can see the up selling of various other less desirable substances such as meth-amphetamine.
There is a brilliant book called 'The Pursuit of Oblivion' that shows what a disastrous and entirely ridiculous concept a "War on Drugs" is. I highly recommend it.

At 28/4/10 11:20 pm, Blogger peterquixote said...

We are pretty bloody angry down here in Canterbury also dude.
Regional Council now ruled by sycophants.
We are going to change our mayor for a start, and then we are going to watch what you do next.


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