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Thursday, April 29, 2010


No you didn't PAULA? NO YOU DIDN'T! This allegation by tv3 News is just extraordinary!

Bennett accused of paying off privacy complainant
The Social Welfare Minister, Paula Bennett, has been discovered having an intriguing “off the radar” meeting.

In 2009 Ms Bennett made a point of going public with two single mothers’ personal income details during a fight last year.

One of the women, Natasha Fuller, claims Ms Bennett had breached her privacy and complained to the Privacy Commissioner.

3 News believes the decision on that complaint is imminent.

However there are reports Ms Bennett made an offer to try make the complaint go away. This week the issue has resurfaced, but her dealings are being done in secret.

3 News has obtained confidential documents which say a secret meeting took place yesterday between Ms Bennett and Ms Fuller.

A monetary settlement was discussed and the idea of Ms Fuller dropping the complaint was floated.

When 3 News confronted the minister today, she wasn’t ruling the suggestions out.

The mere suggestion that Bennett has offered to pay a solo mother to drop the compliant is an outrageous allegation if untrue, instant dismissal if it is true.

It is disgusting that Paula is still in her position as Minster of Social Development. Bennett’s outrageous misuse of power to publish the personal details of two beneficiaries who complained about cost cutting of a benefit Paula herself used when she was a solo mum at uni is so utterly wrong it is difficult to see how she’s still in her role.

The irony is that these women wanted to train to get off the bloody benefit, yet the Minister is crucifying them as bludgers by giving them the bash for daring to question National’s slash and burn policy.

Bennett said in the House on the 28th July last year that she had sort her advice to release the private details of the solo mothers on ‘implied consent’ off the Privacy website. As my co-blogger clearly pointed out, there is nothing on the Privacy Website that says anything about ‘implied consent’.

Bennett hasn't truthful about where she claimed she had the authority to release personal details and any suggestion that she is trying to buy off the solo mother who complained about Bennett releasing personal details means Paul has to step down until the entire allegation is investigated.


At 29/4/10 7:16 pm, Anonymous aj said...

I'd think TV3 have a clincher to come on this, after getting a point-blaqnk denial from
Meantime hoe hypocrisy is stomach churning - privacy is everything now while they 'work it out' but was not in the frame when Bennett released details.

At 29/4/10 7:39 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah- Paula will pay out Natasha and then whatever payment she gets will get offset against her benefit anyway- assuming she still receives one. Poor Natasha- don't take dirty money!

At 30/4/10 7:32 am, Blogger Carol said...

On this, I think the bucck stops with John Key. Time to ask WHY he appointed someone so inexperienced as Social Welfare Minister, and who has no political track record for amyone to know her trustworthiness or competence?

Shows a gross error in judgement by the PM.

At 30/4/10 8:02 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoah, lets wait until the accusation is proven before we throw her to the wolves.

Right-wing kneejerk reactions that way ------>

Innocent till proven guilty is for everybody, not just the people you side with.

At 30/4/10 9:02 am, Anonymous kerry said...

Bennett is a bully and incompetent...and judging by her performance on tv lastnight she tells lies also.

Key will no doubt keep her in her position....truth means nothing to the tories.

At 30/4/10 11:46 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She's got to go if it's true.

At 30/4/10 6:11 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh dear, the mum made it all up.

Lets not go off all half-cocked next time, eh kids?

At 5/5/10 5:58 pm, Anonymous Gosman said...

Apologise much?

At 5/5/10 6:06 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

I've spoken to the solo mother Gosman, so no, no apology at all, just waiting now.


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