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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

National manufacture crises to justify ACC privatization

Minister considering ACC 'privatisation' report
ACC Minister Nick Smith isn't confirming or denying a report that the Government is likely to open up workplace insurance to private competition. A taskforce set up to examine accident insurance, the ACC Stocktake Steering Group, has delivered an interim report to Dr Smith and Radio New Zealand reported today it outlined introducing competition in the workplace account. The Government has previously indicated it might do this, depending on the recommendations that come from the group.

Well, well, well - here we are then. Remember all the denial that National intended to privatize ACC? Remember Nick Smith turning up at ACC meetings to gag officials from speaking to political parties about how badly Nick was claiming ACC was doing?

National intend to privatize ACC even though Pricewaterhouse Coopers report CLEARLY shows the privatization of ACC would only benefit the very same Australian Insurance companies who were holding seminars last year explaining how to make the most out of National’s plan. Merrill Lynch were tipping Australia’s insurance industry off regarding National’s policy on ACC by effectively pointing out that the Aussies could make a $200 million killing if National went ahead with plans to privatize ACC which would be great for them, crap for us.

Gosh that change is feeling great isn't it NZ? Watching John Key sell your ACC off to the Aussie Insurance industry makes one wonder what all that fuss about power saving lightbulbs and water saving shower heads was all about now doesn't it?

Oh and while we are talking about ACC, isn't it wonderful that this Government's cruelty to force sex victims to prove they are mental before they can access counselling has already borne such fruit as a persons life...

Denied help for sexual abuse, dead days later
A review of new rules for sexual abuse counselling has come too late to save a South Auckland mother who died four days after her claim for ACC-funded counselling was rejected. Counselling Services Centre manager Emma Castle said the mother-of-three's claim for counselling for sexual abuse she had suffered as a child was rejected by ACC two months ago on the grounds that she had not suffered "a significant mental injury".

...good on ya National, what a compassionate policy.


At 27/4/10 7:44 am, Anonymous sdm said...

Where was privatization ever mentioned. Opening up for competition is not privatization.

At 27/4/10 9:10 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even those who can prove "mental injury" via a Psychiatrist (both ACC's Independant Psychiatrists and through their own DHB Psychiatrist) are ALSO being denied sexual abuse counselling. But yes, one doesn't need to be a Psychiatrist to see that EVERYONE who is sexually abused is going to have some degree of "mental injury" and sexual abuse counselling should be a given. So sad for that Sth Auckland family.

At 27/4/10 12:52 pm, Anonymous bob said...

whoever is running ACC needs a boot in the arse. ... all facts changed slightly for this anecdote ...my son a tradesman with 20 years experience, and 3 children, has been OFF WORK and on ACC for 15 months now, he suffered a severe injury while cycling " serious impact injury " and his doctor, his surgeon AND ACC's bumboy surgeon have all said he is in severe pain and NEEDS an operation which would get him back to work in 5-6 weeks. So what happens ?...they leave him on ACC for well over a year, taking some pretty cool painkilling drugs but large amounts daily, and now they're trying to back out of paying for an operation by claiming some bullshit about how his knee injury is a common malformation seen in .. get THIS ... 26% of males
ferfuckssake !!!

At 27/4/10 2:32 pm, Blogger Christian said...

just stick to the typo's

At 27/4/10 6:51 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ACC can fuck off and die.
I'm sick of being forced to pay for every cretins avoidable misfortunes.
Screw that mental trauma con.
Harden up.

At 28/4/10 9:49 am, Blogger Aoze said...

No one seems to have responded to the flame-rant of that one too cowardly to use even a net name to pronounce their loathsome opinions. But just in case some reader is on the point of being swayed by his boorish vehemance, I would like to note that; the cost of a private healthcare insurance system (and the concomitant legal expenses), is far greater than that of the present system. So the anonymous cretin would be forced to pay more by not having ACC!
Unless, of course, he's a paid stooge of NACT incorporated... In which case, he probably would end up paying more (anything?) towards social wellbeing.
And he can fuck off and die.

At 28/4/10 11:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw that mental trauma con.

I really hope no one you love is ever raped- a child you know is never raped Via the mouth and cant hld food down cos of it-harden up-jezz-thats kinda old and why our youth are kiling themselfs hey-haden up-fuck off-

and yes I have Mental Injury etc and ACC will NOT pay for me2see any one-cos Iam 2 long-term-

they are shifting the goal posts--ppls cant keep up

Opening up for competition is not privatization.

NO-Its the start of it--


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