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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kevin Rudd is a climate wimp

Media blast Rudd's retreat
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's decision to jam his proposed greenhouse emissions trading scheme into the back of the darkest cupboard he could find has unleashed his worst demons. The media that had once admired his resolve and energy have turned on him with a vengeance, attacking him as a weakling lacking the courage of his convictions and scrambling back in panic from the attacks of Opposition leader Tony Abbott. Not the kind of picture you want painted of you as you count down the months to this year's election, throwing overboard inconvenient or uncomfortably hard policies as you go and watching the polls narrow.

Who cares that the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme is falling over, I'm glad it is, as the Greens themselves point out, it's just locking in failure, the Australians, just like our Emission Trading Scam will be subsidizing big polluters to continue polluting rather than forcing them get with the sustainable programme. In NZ, the deal the Nats and the Maori Party signed (so much for a spiritual connection with the land) will be paying polluters for 55% of their pollution until 2050, the North Pole is expected to be ICE FREE by 2050 and we'll still be subsidizing polluters to the tune of 55%.

On a wider issue, Rudd backing down is a victory to the climate deniers and a real kick in the arse for the Greens and Greenpeace. Instead of the signing on campaign, they should be tearing strips out of the climate denial brigade. It's the lies they have been able to spin over the climategate emails that have gone unchallenged that has allowed the politicians to move away from urgent climate legislation because the goal from big oil funded climate skeptics has been to question the science in the same tactic the tobacco industry used when claiming there was no scientific link between cancer and smoking.

March Mining

Care about the environment? See you this Saturday for the anti-mining march, the $15 minimum wage march AND Jday. It will be a long day, thankfully 4.20 is at the end of the day.

Don't undermine NZ


At 30/4/10 12:20 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

North Pole ice free by 2050. Where do you get this year from.

And it's not only climategate. There is other evidence that AGW is a scam.

Tiny increase in CO2 does not cause dangerous Global warming. Sorry but you have been conned by very smart money men and women, including the Oil companies.

Accept this, thank them for the lesson and move on. There's a lot of real issues that need to be addressed.

At 30/4/10 12:00 pm, Anonymous Independently Wealthy said...

Be very interesting to see what Key does now? An equivalent backdown?


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