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Friday, April 30, 2010

Corruption or Incompetence in Kahui Case?

Kahui police rebuked over inquiry errors
Police investigating the murder of the Kahui twins showed "errors of judgment" and did not properly record evidence to the standard expected in such a significant and high-profile case, a police watchdog says. An Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) report into the police investigation, released last night, said lawyers for the babies' father, Chris Kahui, were placed under "unreasonable pressure" because they weren't properly informed about a witness statement potentially implicating the boys' mother.

So the IPCA find the Police as incompetent rather than corrupt. How optimistic of them. The fact the cops are the reason the Kahui twins have not found justice shouldn't be lost in any of this, especially when it seems a line call between incompetence and corruption.

The Police held back Tuari's quotes from the Crown Prosecution till 6 weeks before the trial, surely a witness who is claiming that Macsyna told him she had killed the twins was important???
And the date of a call from the cellphone Macsyna was using was left off a document showing that she was with the kids when she claimed she was in Henderson!

The fact it took the Jury only 1 minute should shame the Police for denying those two babies any justice.


At 30/4/10 3:25 pm, Anonymous JP said...

Let's explore your logic here Bomber.

If you believe Chris Kahui did it then you should be happy that the Police were lax with their disclosure. Since disclosure is about the prosecution laying out their evidence to the defence, late disclosure only makes life more difficult for the defence, thus making a conviction more likely.

If you believe Macsyna did it then Chris's verdict and the issue of late disclosure is irrelevant. The lack of justice stems from the fact

that Macsyna was not prosecuted. And the reason that won't happen is because she can easily point the finger back at Chris and get off on reasonable doubt (just like he did in reverse).

So long as they maintain their mutual pact of silence there will be no justice. That fault, as with the murder, sits squarley at their feet.

As for the phone call. It doesn't mean she had the phone in her possession and is uselss to proving that she killed them. Sure it shows she is a liar but that has already been well established.

At 30/4/10 4:09 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too busy..
Switched on Gardener..

At 30/4/10 6:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ JP
Quack quack. Looked like a duck and sounded like one, therefore its was. Yep, OK that's right, it was a duck.
Trouble is my mother has started to waddle as well.
And with all this other stff we got on our plate, near enough is good enough.

At 30/4/10 7:18 pm, Anonymous Bosco said...

Of course it's not the actual murderers fault, nor the families fault, nor the welfare system that they leeched off, nor the social workers, or cyfs workers who failed to protect them and not plunkets either I'm guessing.

Instead Bomber blames the Police whom could do nothing whatsoever because of our lacklustre laws that allow families and parents to coverup abuse and maintain a wall of silence when the abuse ends in death.

It's just a shame you take it as some childish but utterly predictable opportunity to attack the Police rather than the real problems that caused this and obstructed justice.

At 2/5/10 8:50 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Bosco you are usually much smarter than this and it is sad to see your childish cheerleading of the Police and desire to misinterpret and twist my words.

You desire to be an apologist for Police incompetence as those twins lie cold in the grave with no chance of justice because of that police incompetence. Disgusting Bosco.

THE FUCKING JURY TOOK A MINUTE BOSCO - a minute, so poor was the Police case - a minute Bosco, a minute. But Bosco wants to pretend that didn't happen.

It isn't the Police fault, oh no its the laws, it's the family who didn't want to be honest, what a load of bullshit Bosco, the Police screwed this case, hide how screwed up they had made it and yet you refuse to accept they got it wrong in your sad attempt to support them rather than challenge them.


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