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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Nikki cares about Great Barrier

So when the Economist were not attacking us on John Key’s new 80% Pure Tourism campaign to replace our 100% Pure tourism campaign...

Nikki Kaye was being allowed to voice a convenient opinion over mining the Great Barrier.

Whanau, It’s been pointed out on the war on news for some time that National will list a symbolic piece of land they never intended to mine in the first place and then remove it from the list to look like they have consulted with the public and moderated their stance. The Great Barrier is their symbolic piece of land they never intended to mine and Nikki Kaye is their desperate to show some green credentials champion. Kaye needs this win bad because Auckland Central has a huge number of Green voters, they gave Nandor 5 327 votes in 2005. Tizard got 15 794 and Pansy Wong took 11 910. Kaye had to convince Green voters in 2008 that she would be the most environmental voice in National, she’s done bugger all so far and needs this symbolic win over mining to hold her Auckland Central seat.

The political equation for Nikki Kaye is, how much weed do Green Party voters need to smoke before they’ll believe her Government give two shits about the environment and can be conned with dumping Great Barrier as a mining option.

The answer, approximately 7 pounds of high grade Coromandel gold per voter, which is ironic because the Coromandel will be the next place National mine.


At 31/3/10 1:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well anyone that hitches their wagon to this regime (and many have), probably will live to regret it. Maybe the Maori Party are now having second thoughts, but it might be too late. At least step 1 has been taken - contesting welfare reforms. But should such a party ENABLE mining without any sort of protest means the struggle to date has pretty much all been in vain.
Time Turia got over her bitterness (to being spurned by a Helen), and Pita began to question where he ACTUALLY stands. Loyalty to the bitter, or loyalty to the land and its people.
The decision should actually be quite simple

At 1/4/10 11:55 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welfare reform is a bit of an odd issue to be picking the fight on when one considers the extreme statements they made on the issue.


Turia might be using her role as "Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment, who thus has to vote in support" as a way of ducking the issue of her support for the proposal, but given her previous positions it seems a bit rich. Does speak volumes on the split between the radical and socially conservative strands of the Maori Party though.

At 1/4/10 2:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the interests of accuracy can you advise what timeframe we should be smoking these 7 pounds over? I've made it halfway through an oz since Sunday but I'm really struggling to get through it, even with the turbo-lung. Is it 7 pounds per annum? Can I share it with other left-wing affiliated voters, and perhaps even some non-voters (like my friend Mike who slept through the last election) or do I have to smoke the whole lot personally? Am I allowed to bake some and eat it? Will it make me virile?
Also, it looks like I'm going to lose my job at the Starmart, since I haven't been to work for the last week which seems to be a side-effect of this weed, so is there some compensation for chuffing my part? Perhaps a fighting fund or something that can tide me over until I get my dream job (I'm in talks with some yanks about this news aggregator website I've been sort of working on and I'll be rich soon but the weed isn't free you know, unless you know something I don't? huh? huh?)
Perhaps if your readers could just send me a few pounds I can keep my rate of consumption up, and maybe just sell a bit of it so I can get my guitar back from the pawn shop. Maybe I should try and find my girlfriend too, last time I looked she was riding the white snake but she's not there now. That's really odd. Hope she's gone to get breakfast. Mmmmmmmmm breakfast.


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