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Monday, March 29, 2010

There is no depression in NZ

While our Optimist Prime continues to sell his vacant aspiration to NZ with plans to go all 18th century with coal mining and whaling as possible new career options for the children of solo mothers, it seems other indicators are suggesting that there is in fact a deep depression in NZ...

Armed robberies 'reach historic level'
Police and the banking community are concerned about an armed robbery at the ASB Bank in Grey Lynn, which follows what a senior bank manager has described as "probably the highest number in history" of such robberies across New Zealand last year.

Domestic violence cases increasing
Domestic abuse cases are rising, but a high-profile campaign against family violence will run out of funding in June. Work on a new phase of the "It's Not OK" campaign is under way, but a decision on fresh funding is not due until the Budget in May. The number of assaults on women is rising, with attacks in Canterbury climbing faster than nationally, police statistics show.

More suicides feared if health funding cut
Mental health and addiction services in Wellington are to take a funding cut, sparking fears of more suicides and that seriously mentally ill people will have nowhere to go.

Higher suicide rates? More domestic violence? An increase in armed robberies? I know, let's mine the hell out of Great Barrier, that'll fix it.


At 29/3/10 11:23 am, Anonymous Kerry said...

There was no depression in NZ before November 2008!


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