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Monday, March 29, 2010

Shell NZ needs new slogan

Shell petrol stations now Kiwi-owned
Shell's New Zealand network of petrol stations are now locally owned, with Infratil and the Super Fund saying that a large chunk of its profits will now stay in this country. Infratil and the NZ Super Fund this morning announced they had finalised the purchase of Shell New Zealand in a $696.5 million joint venture deal after almost a year of negotiations. They say that dividends from the business will now mainly flow to New Zealand shareholders - and the public, via the investment by the Super Fund. It says there will also be more local jobs and staff training through the "on-shoring" of many roles now being performed overseas.

Shell NZ will need a new slogan, I suggest, "We used to murder poets, now we just murder NZ petrol prices"


At 31/3/10 8:35 am, Anonymous Exclamation Mark said...

I don't know about that slogan but I would happily buy petrol from any station with that punisher/shell hybrid logo


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