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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Q+A and The Nation review

Goodness hasn't The Nation descended quickly to its hard right wing default tone? Seeing as the host was Gerry Brownlee's former press agent, you just knew the soft hug that passed as an interview this morning was never going to pass any critical review and having Mitch Harris, the most right wing Talkback boss in the country and Fran O'Sullivan the most right wing columnist in the country as their 'balance' made me run screaming to Q+A where Paula Bennett was roasted by Guyon Espiner although Q+A's 'balance' was John Tamihere and Christine bloody Rankin (interestingly TV3 are now replaying The Nation at 8am on Sunday mornings - perhaps their 11am Saturday screening isn't pulling the ratings)

Q+A actually attacked mining figures over and over and over again pointing out Brownlee's lies in a way The Nation totally avoided.

Guyon challenged Paula on her 'Rising tide of dependency' line and he argued that her numbers didn't prove that we were about to be swamped and that it was the economy stupid, not a culture of bludging. Paula did her usual, 'yeah nah' response where she agrees with the criticism being used against her but then denounces the lot. It seems her experience of being a Solo Mother has not given her empathy or sympathy, just a self righteous belief in justifying cutting others off from the same support she received.

Paula admitted with glee that 4000 were cut off Welfare altogether and her work sanctions would see those with mental health issues lose half their welfare if they failed those work sanctions, telling Guyon that it was better for these people to get with the program because being forced to work was good for those with depression even though Treasury recommended the work test not go ahead because the 15 hour forced work deal would only give that mentally unwell person an extra dollar an hour! Paula refused to listen to Guyon's argument with a gabble of homely 'I know best bullshit' wrapped up with some empty Dr Phil aspiration.

Guyon then prodded Paula on where the jobs will be for all these DPB sluts who are wasting our taxpayer money by breeding once they are righteously forced back to work. Paula told Guyon that they will find 40 000 part time jobs for those 40 000 DPB sluts because that's the way it's going to be (damned DPB sluts). Paula didn't seem to care that much about the 70 000 welfare children who will be damaged by these policies.

The difference between The Nation and Q+A is now pretty obvious, Q+A are an attempt at public broadcasting and the democratic principle of holding the powerful to account (finally - and thanks only to there being competition for funding now), where as The Nation is user pays current affairs aimed at defending the corporate interests of the Government at all costs (seriously was today's show sponsored by the mining industry?)


At 28/3/10 10:05 am, Anonymous Chris said...

I wish I hadn't missed Q&A. The Nation was a fascinating demonstration of people doing their best to talk around the elephant in the room.

At 28/3/10 10:50 am, Blogger Graeme Edgeler said...

The Nation aired at 8am Sunday during it's first week - it was apparently always the plan. Indeed, because TV can't air paid advertising on Sunday mornings, the Sunday repeat has a business segment that the Saturday live showing lacks.

At 28/3/10 10:54 am, Anonymous sdm said...

FOrgive me, the DBP changes seem pretty reasonable. When your kid is at school, you have to look for a job during school hours. Whats the problem. I admit that raising a child is tough - I am a father - but once they are at school attempting to go back into the workforce doesnt seem to be asking terribly much. Sure, if a person makes a reasonable attempt but cant find a job, dont cut their benefit, but really the goal has to be to get people standing on their own two feet.

At 28/3/10 4:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"FOrgive me, the DBP changes seem pretty reasonable."

Obviously because you're not a fanatical leftist idealogue driven by hatred to denounce any policy by the National govnt like the majority of NZ voters.

At 28/3/10 8:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

except that the goal isn't actually to get people to stand on thier own two feet. The DRIVER is that savings need to be made apparently.

At 28/3/10 9:08 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I once saw Guyon and Duncan out for a night on the town in Wellington. The latter acknowledged me with a courteous hello and the former looking a little sheepish and timid. It was like a big brother taking a sibling out for a taste of action - I restraind myself from suggesting Pound as a possible venue for a good time.
I thought to myself at the time how some liberals become so fucking comfortable when they gain access to their "gold" status and manage to retain it for a while, that they're apt to forget reality.
Prostitution in journalism seems to be a little cheaper than I hope those in the local Pirie Street establishment are charging for their services.
Shame a Mihi or two doesn't seem to have been able to whip a Garner into shape - but wait and watch - you'll see an ever increasing pudge developing that is directly proportional to his becoming an apologist rather than a journalist. (Not unlike a Brownlee, otherwise known as an ass-licker)

At 28/3/10 9:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fuk me with a feather duster! I am watching the repeat of Q+A with Krusty Rankin and a panel of two other experts - all with valid contributions - even Tamihere. But when it came to the question of the rise in those on sickness benefits over the past DECADE - ALL ignored the bleeding obvious. Ummm B-b-b-baby B-b-bommers, A-a-ageing P-p-p-population.........
People age, people begin to fall apart, people are no longer capable of what they once were.
They all seemed cognisant of the fact that there are a few rorting and that something is amiss, and sure there are those that are able to intimidate a GP or two. NONE cottoned to the idea that 60 somethings aren't like 50 somethings, and 50 somethings aren't like 40 somethings - unless of course you're flush to the extent that you can try your best to prolong the inevitable and can afford to prop up the facials with a bit of botox.
And as for Paula Bennett - has anyone noticed how much like a Sarah Palin with a koiwoi exent she is. The only difference is that one likes wearing red and shooting elk and the other loiks bloo and stuffing her face with KFC

At 30/3/10 8:13 am, Anonymous Sam Clemenz said...

"And as for Paula Bennett - has anyone noticed how much like a Sarah Palin with a koiwoi exent she is. The only difference is that one likes wearing red and shooting elk and the other loiks bloo and stuffing her face with KFC"
LMFAOROTFPM - !!!!!!!!!!! That tickled me more than the feather thing!!!


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