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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Need to smokescreen plans to mine conservation land? BASH THE BENNIE TIME!

Govt announces tougher welfare criteria
The Government has announced it will toughen criteria for people to receive a benefit. Prime Minister John Key announced today that the Government would try to encourage beneficiaries to work with making policy changes to start in October.

The key changes are:

* Compulsory part-time work for single parents on the domestic purposes benefit when their child reaches six and for people on the sickness benefit deemed capable of part-time work.

* Allowing Work and Income case managers to cut benefits by half as a sanction, followed by a full suspension then a cancellation.

* Employment benefits limited to a year. Beneficiaries must reapply after a year with a comprehensive work assessment.

* More frequent assessments of people on a sickness benefit, with the first two medical assessments only good for four weeks each, and a compulsory reassessment after 12 months.

Don't you LOVE their timing? The day after the Government announces they will mine precious conservation land, National call a press conference to play out one of NZ's favourite cultural past times - BASH THE FILTHY BENNIE.

Last week National claimed there were $140 billion worth of minerals in NZ based on disputed figures given to them by a Mining lobbyist - THIS WEEK National now claim there's $194 Billion - where did Gerry pull the extra $54 billion out of? His arse?

By the end of the month National will claim there's a Trillion Billion infinity plus one dollars worth of magical money under dem dere hills. It's a bare faced lie that will all get ignored now National have thrown some raw meat bash the bennie policy out to the media in a desperate hope they can smokescreen the mining of conservation land issue.

It also looks like Nikki Kaye's position is less principled than first reported, turns out she had discussed it with Key yesterday...

Kaye says she discussed mining opposition with Key
Auckland Central MP Nikki Kaye and Prime Minister John Key say they discussed Ms Kaye's opposition to mining on Great Barrier Island before she went public with her views last night.

...this smells funny now. National's strategy is to oversell the value and fold on one symbolic mining site they don't have much intention of mining to make it look like they are being moderate while pushing ahead with the rest of the mining agenda.


At 23/3/10 1:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't see anything wrong with holding beneficiaries accountable. It will ensure only the needy continue to get my tax dollar rather than the majority of broken ass lying cunts who are content not to look for work.

At 23/3/10 1:10 pm, Blogger Bomber said...

With all due respect 'Anon' anyone who would refer to beneficiaries as broken ass lying cunts wouldn't see anything wrong with the public flogging of solo mothers either. Your venom and assertion of the welfare crackdown however is proof just how easy it was to take your attention off the mining of conservation land.

Well done, you just helped Crosby Textor earn their bonus this month.

At 23/3/10 2:42 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next thing that anonymous will be telling us how he had to struggle and pull himself up by the bootstraps, and so if he can do it, so can everyone else!
Should just become a WINZ case manager if he's so principled about
"broken ass lying cunts"!. Think of the power!! The man deserves a uniform. It's a policy obviously designed to teach a few broken ass lying cunts a lesson, so that one day they could even become a Minister of Soshul Welfare, or even CEO of Telecom.
I think....maybe....errr, yes: I'll post as Anonymous (after all, it's my demakrtuck roit)

At 23/3/10 3:10 pm, Anonymous Kerry said...

Where are all these jobs going to come from??

I have no problem in people getting back to work....but unless johnny boy is gonna pull jobs out of his arse (Gerry looks like he has a few up there) then its all just hot blustery air...

Unfortunately there are alot of voters who arnt interested in facts....they just like the right noises being made.

At 23/3/10 5:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best way to ensure a short term in office bash everyone and show no mercy.Who voted for this piss poor Government.

At 23/3/10 5:43 pm, Anonymous Tiger Mountain said...

My capacity to be appalled by the likes of the anonymae here never diminishes, which is a good thing in some ways.
What did these whimpish sociopaths do for an outlet prior to the invention of the internet? Hateback radio no doubt, but all that frustrated anger must have been expressed in other unpleasant ways too. Animal cruelty, misogyny?
People do not stay on benefits because it is a pleasant experience, anyone that says they do is just demonstrating bravado or is nuts.
Keep on tormenting the jobless, single parents and the ill and the 90s will be back with bells on “Burn Shipley burn” in your neighbourhood, beggars outside the mall, carjackings and all the rest.

At 23/3/10 6:19 pm, Anonymous Ross said...

The fact is some beneficiaries are 'broken ass lying cunts'. I know a few. Including a guy who falsely claims to have depression to get a sickness benefit and therefore doesn't have to look for work.

Solo Mums who look for work but can't find any will simply stay on the dole. And the mining issue is still very much in the news, so your whingeing is redundant.

At 23/3/10 7:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come on anon, scream it with me SEEEEEIIIIG!

(you finish the rest!)

Burn anyone who cant find work in a recession! Theyre probably black anyway right!

At 23/3/10 9:42 pm, Anonymous deano said...

Lol as soon as I read the article in the Herald, I knew you would have a piece on this Bomber. I could have written it for you.

There are a lot of broken ass people on benefits, as anon says. I see nothing wrong with solo mums with school age children doing some part time work, or with people who are on the dole for a whole flaming year actually having to reapply for the dole. We are not a very rich country. I pay a lot of tax on an average income. I would like tax cuts, or my tax dollars to be spent on better schools, hospitals and roads. I do not want to subsidise a lazy person's Holiday cigarettes and Lion Red, which they consume while I work.

At 23/3/10 10:49 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paula looked a bit sheepish on Close-Up, I thought. Pot and kettle. will Labour now win back Waitakere? Oh, those mean, mean Nats.

At 24/3/10 12:14 am, Anonymous Mrs Hawes said...

It's a damn shame that Bomber's considered position on this matter is not attracting an intelligent response. Almost all the above comments appear to come from ignorant smug idiots with the imagination of a small turd and no fucking idea what it feels like to be on the benefit heap. Ever tried to get a job and been knocked back for months on end? Been made redundant recently? Got any brilliant plans to increase the job market by a hundred thousand positions by lunchtime? No? Then shut the fuck up.

At 24/3/10 1:28 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard Barker
(09) 535 8955 rbarker@ihug.co.nz

You may like to contact Richard to ask for an analysis of the $140 billion ball park figure.

As for the jerk who left the revolting language on the comment blog, he must be from kiwiblog, the National Act site; it's the only blog that seems to be unable to tell the difference between intelligent comment and filth. Perhaps he could be sent down the mine, in a cage, as the canary.


At 24/3/10 9:13 am, Anonymous Asker of Ask said...

The proposed mining of Great Barrier Island is a smoke screen which serves two purposes.

1: as you stated, to make the Government appear moderate when it finally goes ahead and mines their real targeted areas.

2: this gives their arsehole buddy Banks an opportunity to display his freshly-minted tinfoil badge which proclaims him as being an environmentally-aware and "independent" candidate for the job as Captain Auckland.

At 24/3/10 1:14 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's a damn shame that Bomber's considered position on this matter is not attracting an intelligent response."

Bomber's positions are never considered they are merely dog whistle knee jerk reactions to whatever policy National puts out.

The truth is that we all know someone who is diddling the welfare system and to some degree we accept it but there comes a time when we have to draw a line to get people who can and should work into employment. If Bomber has a problem with this then he pretty much has a problem with the majority of NZers.

I pity him really. It's a hardsell saying to working people that their liability to the welfare system is essential unlimited.

At 24/3/10 3:51 pm, Anonymous AAMC said...

I think we're all for a smaller welfare bill but please can one of these anon posters offer me some solution then as to where exactly these jobs are coming from. Seems an obvious question but appears to have passed some of these knee jerk posters by. Oh, but Bomber is supposed to be the knee jerk poster isn't he... I've become facinated by these posts as intelligence is most often what is lacking from the anon posters. Shouldn't this be an opportunity for debate? Just goes to highlight the mentality of the right, this is the way it is and if you don't agree then shut the fuck up you loosers cause we won the election.

At 24/3/10 6:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh haven't you checked The Standard?

They're going to come from the 'clean tech' revolution we'll soon be experiencing brought to you by Al Gore.

Maybe after Bomber and his ilk have closed down the dairy industry, mining and manufacturing they're going to come across the problem that there is no one to pay the taxes to fund their beloved welfare state. DUH!


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