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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Minister of Crown recommends elected official stand down based on lie from Sunday Paper

North Shore Mayor drank two bottles - bar staff
Bar staff who served embattled North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams on the night he urinated in public say the civic leader drank two bottles of wine - without a meal. Mr Williams is facing increasing pressure to stand down from his role after the Sunday Star-Times revealed he had drunk alcohol for several hours at Takapuna's GPK last Thursday. On his way to collect his mayoral vehicle, which he drove 6km home, he urinated against a tree outside council offices.

So in the Sunday Star-Times race to the bottom of the tabloid gutter by using Johnathan fucking Marshall as chief muck racker, they accuse North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams of drinking 2 bottles of wine by himself implying he was drunk driving.

A Minister of the Crown, Rodney Hide, then goes on to suggest the Mayor step down based on these allegations in the Sunday Star Times. This is outrageous because it now turns out that the insinuation of drunk driving is an utter false hood on behalf of the Sunday Star Times and I look forward to legal action against them.

It now turns out that two bar staff insist he and three companions drank just two bottles of wine over four hours.

Despite what the anonymous ACT party spin posters have tried to claim (that the North Shore Mayor was drunk driving), the fact is that there is simply no evidence of this and the Sunday Star Times insinuation is utterly defamatory and that a Minister of the Crown has decided to comment recommending the Mayor steps down on baseless allegations is an attempt at media manipulation of the news agenda that smokescreens legitimate criticism of the theft of Auckland by Hide and Joyce.

Shame on the Sunday Star Times, shame on ACT activists and shame on the mainstream media for allowing the lie to build.

3 things about Andrew Williams urinating on a tree
1: I’m surprised there are any trees left to urinate against on the North Shore.

2: So what, John Banks has been pissing on this city for years

3: I don't care what tree North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams pisses on.

I do however care about Auckland being annexed by Rodney Hide and Steven Joyce by a misuse of urgency. I do care that those two are the ones appointing people to run our city, I do care that booze barons who peddle alcohol to the youth market get to run our city. I do care that the Orwellian double-speak named 'Council-Controlled Organizations' will spend 75% of Auckland's budget all done behind secret meetings with no minutes or agendas published and I do care about the gerrymandering of National rump electorates like Rodney, (who will get more representation than someone actually living in Auckland Central), being included in the Super City.

Auckland - your city is being robbed from you by Wellington so Hide and Joyce can appoint an unelected corporate cabal to sell your city off, don't let a story about where the North Shore Mayor urinates take your attention off this theft.


At 31/3/10 7:24 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My enemy's enemy is my friend, so anyone Rodney Hide doesn't like is ok by me.

At 31/3/10 7:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What was the so-called lie?

At 31/3/10 8:48 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

2: So what, John Banks has been pissing on this city for years


At 31/3/10 10:43 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ughmm considering that the bar cannot by law serve patrons while drunk you of all people Bomber should know that when the spotlight is on that bar owners cannot be trusted to tell the truth about alcohol abuse or drug abuse in their premises.

The Council also dishes out licensing as well. Funny how GPK allowed Williams back the next night with cameras to appear on TV.

Oh and he was at Portofino the afternoon of this incident. The Portofino owner stumped up with this information.

Is Anne Hartley an ACT activist? No. Neither were most of the Councillors and Comm Board members calling for him to go.

This wasn't an isolated incident for Williams.

If you want cheap shots, the political left have effectively run interference on this to score some kind of cheap political points against the ACT/NAtional people who dislike Williams.

It was remember a journalist (not the most right wing of professions) who comipled the story without the assistance of any right wing political activists or supporters.

Guess what? Plenty of people from the left and right dislike Williams and he won't be elected to Supercity

At 1/4/10 7:31 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What ever the truth of the matter,all due respect bomber youre still a form of media,I think he should consider his actions a little more carefully next time.I dont consider urinating on a tree a hanging offence but its not an ideal look either.

At 1/4/10 8:59 am, Blogger Uroskin said...

4. We should all do our best to mitigate the drought afflicting local trees

At 1/4/10 10:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sober people don't usually engage in public urination drunk people do. Since you live in CBD Bomber you would have noticed this nightly ocurrence.

Therefore it IS a reasonable inference that he was drunk.

I love it how the left is attempting to mitigate the possible criminal and life threatening behaviour of a person because he shares the same political beliefs because it just shows how immoral they are in pursuit of power.

At 1/4/10 11:39 am, Blogger Bomber said...

Sober people don't usually engage in public urination drunk people do. Since you live in CBD Bomber you would have noticed this nightly ocurrence.
This is an absolute lie! I have been caught short out in public 1000% sober and have had to go for an out of the way quiet wee. Your assertion that he must be drunk based on a ridiculous narrowing of the qualifying factors to be defined as the only reason why someone would urinate in public being ‘he must be drunk’ is ludicrous!

Therefore it IS a reasonable inference that he was drunk.

Salem witch trials are made up of this stuff.

Who the fuck are you?

The Chief Witch Hunter Proctor?

You’ve got NOTHING! NOTHING! You hear me? Your assertion that only drunk people piss in public is utterly false and doesn’t lead to your conclusion at all. There is NO proof, NONE AT ALL that he was drunk driving! He had a drink, but you have no evidence that he was drunk! Now if he had been busted and he was drunk driving, throw the book at him, drunk drivers are a dangerous social hurt that rips thousands of innocent peoples lives apart every year but to imply someone of such a socially disapproved behaviour with no proof that he was drunk is bankrupt.

I love it how the left is attempting to mitigate the possible criminal and life threatening behaviour of a person because he shares the same political beliefs because it just shows how immoral they are in pursuit of power.

It’s got nothing to do with left or right you dick! It’s about allowing your imagination to run off with you and destroying the character of a man who is asking genuine questions about the Auckland Supercity and I’m damned if a poisoned little character assassination won’t get seen for the piece of political smear that is. I’m not suggesting Johnathan Marshall is part of an overt conspiracy (he doesn’t have the confidence) I’m saying he’s being played by whom ever is tipping him off in the Sunday Star Times latest drive to the Tabloid.

To now turn this into an attack on my ethical judgment because I’ve questioned this smear is an audacity and shows a moral flexibility on your behalf that is almost self cannibalistic. My God – is this actually Johnathan fucking Marshall? Surely only someone as google vain as you Johnathan fucking Marshall could possibly think your argument justifies this appalling tabloid junk?

At 1/4/10 1:01 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Williams changed his story 5 times. He lied, then lied again. The SST has never changes its story.

That speaks volumes.

At 1/4/10 1:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone else posted on another blog as to why the bar staff would have readily said that they did not think Williams was drunk: because to serve someone who was intoxicated may result in not having their liquor license renewed.

I'd say the mayor's helpers may have paid the restraunts a visit to help them better recall the afternoon's events.

Most bars have CCTV cameras in them now so I look forward to Williams asking for a copy of this to prove categorically that he wasn't drunk and use it as the basis for a defamation action against the SST. If he doesn't ask for the footage then we definately know he has something to hide.

At 1/4/10 4:53 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bomber, Williams wasn't 'caught short' he pissed in front of the NS council office that he had the keys for in public view on a busy street.

It's pretty strong evidence that he was drunk and given he's a public figure show a lack of judgement which appeared to continue on when he chose to drive home drunk.

At 2/4/10 6:58 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous No. 4 - most journos in our foreign owned gutter press are either working for Key and Hide or hoping to.

As per the local paper in Franklin that printed John Key was sure the business people who do busines there will gain much from accepting the supershitty. It will interesting to see what that might be. I can imagine.

The business community felt a few years back during Labour's stint in Government that the only thing stopping them from achieving more profit was to have more flexible wages for the workers in the Franklin area. I'll be watching that very carefully. I have family that work there.


At 5/4/10 2:43 pm, Anonymous mickysavage said...

Hi Bomber

If you think the city being led by a beer baron is bad how about the legal workstream being in the control of a lawyer who is a director of two Rio Tinto subsidiaries? I hope he has no effect on the form of the spatial plan because current district plan provisions prevent the mining on Grat Barrier. Further details are on my blog at http://waitakerenews.blogspot.com/2010/03/mining-and-auckland-transition.html.


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