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Monday, March 22, 2010

Love the tie Prime Minister

John Key's tie and what he was reading in the Women's magazines took up more time on the Breakfast cuddle with Paul Henry this morning than the Government's plans to privatize prisons to companies who have a record of brutal prisoner killings overseas like GEO (the CEO of which told the select committee last year that private prisons WON'T save money) and a company that runs Guantanamo Bay detention centers.

Is it any surprise the public have no idea what is going on?


At 22/3/10 3:37 pm, Anonymous kerry said...

I saw that this morning.....geez the people running TVNZ need a kick in the arse for letting this shit go on......Henry needs to go back to what hes good at....ummm just have no idea what that is!

Twas good to hear that Johns wifey is doing the country good by heading off overseas for shopping trips....thats the sprit....support NZ!!!


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